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Maclaren Triumph Stroller Review

The latest engineering right has now produced a brand new stroller called Maclaren Triumph Stroller. This company who made this stroller exact knows the needs of every parent and their innovative products help people around the world especially moms out there. These baby equipment can provide help by providing a comfortable ride to the baby. It is best to use when you bring the baby with you along the beach, strolling around the park, and even having an early morning walk. The materials are durable, can stand up to the active lifestyles of some parents, and can keep pace while on public transport that could keep parents comfortable. Maclaren has come up with distinctively styled and easy to use features. This can truly compete to some other various kinds of strollers in the market and even on online shops.
Maclaren Triumph Stroller
Maclaren Triumph Stroller Features

  • 5-second one-hand fold, compact umbrella fold
  • 5 point harness for added security
  • Lockable, front swivel wheels
  • High performance aluminum frame
  • Height adjustable shoulder harness
  • Holds up to 55-pound child
  • Multiple seat positions
  • One hand fold
  • Includes carry strap
  • Appropriate for babies from 6 month plus

This is a kind of ultra lightweight stroller that looks like a big guy because of its durability intended for everyday use. It features like a folded umbrella , has a carry handle for easy storage, portable and has an aluminum frame. The seat is washable and removable and the hood is also water resistant to keep baby dry during rainy days. It has also an adjustable strap for reclining up to multiple positions. An equipped 5-point harness provides ultimate guard appropriate for children from 6 months onwards to 55 pounds. The lockable double swivel wheels are found in the front and have a central foot brake that is very easy to use. For easy toting and storage, it is also equipped with a mesh shopping basket. This totally weighs 11.6 pounds.

Advantages of Maclaren Triumph Stroller:

  • It is very light and one can hold it in one-hand and it’s easy to fold.
  • Comfortable for the child, the seats are not fully upright and doesn’t fully recline.
  • Expandable and collapsible; it is very simple and doesn’t have problems in folding it.
  • Lightweight and folds flat just like an umbrella.
  • The hood is black and doesn’t show as much dirt.
  • It has larger wheels to get a smoother ride for babies which also means easier for parents to push while walking.

Disadvantages of Maclaren Triumph Stroller:

  • It doesn’t fully upright and doesn’t fully recline, so it’s just a bit uncomfortable for babies using the stroller, and almost impossible for babies to take a nap, unless your baby is very tired, and even then, the nap will not last that long.
  • The seat is full of padding’s, the baby’s legs are just dangling off the stroller and at the end of the seat is a bar which is metal, it feels too hard although it’s covered with fabric . On the same note, you can’t adjust the footrest also, so the babies’ legs are going to be hanging for a very long period of time.
  • The hood is too small, so it only works when the sun is directly above to shade the baby.
  • The wheels are plastic and it’s too bouncy for a ride and it’s very small.
  • The underneath basket is too small, one can even forget about having a basket on the stroller.
  • The rain cover is easy to put on, but it’s not sturdy, you just have to hook it on the 4 different hooks, meaning a 16 month old baby can easily kick it off.
  • The harness often gets stuck. One can have a bit problem when getting the baby out of the stroller.
  • The handles are all coated with foam, which is a good idea, except that after 1 year of usage the foam is already tearing off so the quality isn’t great. Some have said that they are positioned a bit oddly, after a few times of pushing the stroller, your hands just feel tired.

This is a very useful kind of baby equipment that one could easily find at online stores. However, there are also various brands of strollers found in the nearby market. But this kind of stroller stands up from the rest and many people right now are opting for this.

Maclaren Triumph Stroller
$185.00 from Amazon

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