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LG LRG3095ST Gas Range Review

Anytime you are considering purchasing a new item for you kitchen you want to be sure that you are getting the best product for what you are paying. This is true for any piece of equipment that you are purchasing but especially for your new gas range. You want to be sure that you are making the right choice. One of the best ways to do this is to look at the pros and cons of the product you are considering. Another good way to make sure you are getting a good product is if you look at the reviews of those that have purchased and used the product that you are considering. This is a good rule of thumb to follow and hopefully this review of the LG LRG3095ST gas range will help you decide whether you would like to purchase or not purchase the gas range.
LG LRG3095ST Gas Range
The LG LRG3095ST is a 5.4 cubic foot large oven. It has a 1.0 cubic foot storage drawer that is good for storing pots and pans or other kitchenware. The LG LRG3095ST also has a powerful EvenJet convection system and convection bake and roast. It has 17,000 BTU superboil burners and 5 sealed gas cooktop burners. It also has matching knobs and SmoothTouch glass controls. The LG LRG3095ST has a stainless steel finish and a blue interior; it also has a porcelain coated cooktop surface. The wideview window in the front of the oven makes it easy to check on the food that you are baking or broiling. There are 2 heavy duty racks that can be moved to seven different positions making adjusting the racks for larger food items much easier. The LG LRG3095ST also comes with an oven light that makes viewing your baking or broiling foods much easier through the wideview window. Another feature of the LG LRG3095ST is that it has a 12 hour automatic shut-off and also self-cleaning.

There are many pros to the LG LRG3095ST. Some consumers agree that the oven does a good job in cooking the foods and also that it heats up quickly. Other consumers state that they like the light in the oven as it makes checking on your food through the window of the oven. Many other consumers really liked the way that the oven looked in their kitchens and liked the stainless steel. Although some noted that like most stainless steel appliances they are easily streaked with fingerprints. A few consumers agree that the “super boil” works great and works the best out of the burners.

As with any product there are also cons as is the same with the LG LRG3095ST Gas Range. There are multiple consumers that agree that the burners are not very good and they have found that although the “super boil” works amazingly the other burners do not work well at all. Others have noted that the front burners are the power burners and the power plus burners but the other burners are considered simmer burners and are basically useless. Some consumers not only agree with this but they have also noted that the way the burners are arranged on the stovetop makes them hard to use as they are too close together. Another con for the LG LRG3095ST is that although the oven is stainless steel the knobs are made a cheap plastic and they break fairly easily and are costly to replace. Another fairly serious con that some have noted is that the knobs are very touchy and can turn on with the slightest touch and if you do this unintentionally this could be a serious health risk. Another con is that the burner grates are too high and therefore they do not get the proper heating to cook your dishes as they should be. Also some consumers have noticed that the top control panel sticks out into the space of the back burners which means that you cannot place large pots on the back burners as they will hit the tip control panel. Another consumer has noted that only after about a year after use the oven stopped working and they were unable to fix it and where given no reason as to why it stopped working.

These are all good things to consider when making your choice of gas ranges other pros and cons to consider are that it got high marks from professionals for its baking, broiling and simmering performance, but it did get low marks for the lack of power on the high heat setting. This is what many consumers have noticed when they are trying to bring water to a boil or cooking foods on the burners. It has also been noted that the self-cleaning cycle is not as good in comparison to other ranges. If you are not a fan of the stainless steel finish than you can also get the model in black or white finish for a cheaper price, this could be a pro or con depending on what you are looking for.

When you are looking for a new gas range it is important to look at all of the pros and cons to be sure to get the perfect new accessory for your kitchen. There are many pros and cons for the LG LRG3095ST. Many of the pros focus on the aesthetic properties of the gas range. Many consumers really liked the stainless steel finish but they did not like the plastic knobs as they found them to not be very durable. Something to consider is that you would probably be able to find a model with steel knobs or you could request them specially and they could be added to your purchase. Many consumers have complained about the burners and how they do not cook as well as other burners however some have noted that although it may take a long time for the burners to warm up once they are warm they cook fine. Keep all of these pros and cons in mind when you are considering purchasing a new gas range for your kitchen.

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