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LG LMV1813ST 1100-Watt Microwave Review

The LG LMV1813ST microwave is ideal for any individual that is looking to free up some counter space by installing an over the range style microwave. The quiet ventilation system gets rid of the noise associated with more traditional microwaves. The quiet power vent created by LG allows for the microwave to run quietly in the background. The stainless steel goes nicely with other stainless steel appliances as well as those that are trimmed in stainless steel. It also has humidity sensing technology that knows when food is cooked enough and automatically turns off the microwave so that the food is not over cooked or under cooked.
LG LMV1813ST Features

  • Quiet ventilation
  • Sensor cooking
  • Asymmetrical design (pro-style)
  • Over the range style microwave
  • Stainless Steel
  • Weighs 68 pounds
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty

LG LMV1813ST Design

The microwave is designed to be easily installed and to be quieter. Many of the customers that have purchased this LG microwave model agree that the unit is easy to install usually taking around 20 minutes to properly mount. Installation times may vary though based on if you are replacing a unit and holes are already drilled or if you have to completely start over with the mounting process. The microwave can be easily lifted and installed by one individual however if a smaller individual is trying to install the microwave it may be necessary for two people to install the unit. Also although the unit is not all that heavy it can be awkward to handle and therefore it is suggested that two people install the microwave unit. All of the necessary hardware and bolts required to mount the microwave are included with the kit. It is important to note and has been noted by several consumers that the last lag bolt must be anchored into a stud otherwise they risk the microwave pulling from the wall. It is also designed to be quieter than traditional microwaves and has a special ventilation design that is specific to LG microwaves. This new type of ventilation system allows for the microwave to run quietly but efficiently.

The microwave comes with presets like many microwaves but it also comes with new sensory technology that insures that food is not over or under cooked. Many consumers have noted that the presets work well and warm up the food without over heating it and making it soggy or hard. Many that have purchased the LG microwave also like the quality of the materials used to construct the microwave and that the stainless steel is attractive. However with most stainless steel appliances streaks from fingers and hands are very visible and occasionally stainless steel appliances take more cleaning maintenance than other materials do. But many consumers agree that the quality of the stainless steel is better than stainless steel on other microwaves.

Some consumers have noted that the buttons on the microwave are hard to push but others have mentioned that they are not hard to push. This may be a flaw that is not consistent throughout the microwave and may vary from microwave to microwave. Consumers have noticed that not only are the buttons hard to push occasionally but that the layout of the keys on the touch pad are not all that user friendly and it can be hard to find the button that they want to use. Some consumers have noticed that their microwaves arrive with scratches along the top where the vent is but that it was obviously not damaged during the shipping but rather during the production of the microwave. Again this is an issue that may not be true for all of the microwaves and can vary with each microwave. Some consumers have also noticed that the door edges on their microwaves were not cut properly which cases it to catch on the hinge side of the microwave when it is being opened and closed. Also some have noticed that there is an odd noise, like a buzzing noise, when they first run the microwave but that it goes away after the first couple of times that it is used.

The reheat button on the microwave is a big plus for many that have purchased the LG microwave and many have found that they like the reheat button and that it reheats food perfectly without over cooking or under cooking it. The sensor cooking feature is also good for cooking fresh or frozen vegetables as it can sense based on the amount of steam coming from the food if it is cooked or needs longer.


  • Quieter than traditional microwaves
  • Stainless steel is easy to clean
  • Stainless steel is quality material and looks good
  • Reheats food perfectly
  • Easy to install but may take two people


  • Door and hinges do not match up and can cause issues when opening and closing the door
  • The buttons are hard to push
  • Microwave beeps 7 times and there are no reminder beeps which can cause the food to overcook if they are not in the room to open the microwave door
  • Does not have an express cook or auto cook button
  • Microwave can be noisy
  • Some users have found that their microwaves make a sound when used and have found that it is due to the screws in the bottom of the microwave not being tightened
  • Some consumers have noticed scratches on the tops of their microwaves that are from when it was manufactured and not from the shipping

Overall the LG LMV1813ST microwave is a good microwave that reheats food well and is easy to install, although it may take two people to install it. However some users have found that the buttons on the microwave are hard to push. Also many have noted that the door and the hinges do not always match up and it can make it difficult to close the door. Although some consumers have received microwaves that have issues that does not mean that all of the LG LMV1813ST microwaves have these issues and they may vary from microwave to microwave.

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