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LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator Review

Are you looking for a refrigerator that would perfectly store all the foods you have at home? Then you have found the solution to your problem with LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator. It is a large capacity refrigerator which extends for up to 31 cu ft total storage space. It is also lined with the latest innovations on refrigerator technology that you would want to avail of. But before you dive into the conclusion of buying one for your home, it is best to look at some of the features that this fridge comes to have that will help you decide.
LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator Features

  • 31 cubic feet storage gives way for 20% more usable space
  • Slim Space Plus Ice System
  • Door-in-door easy access
  • Water filtering system
  • Multi Air Flow System
  • Quiet operation
  • Smart Cooling Plus Technology to maintain freshness of the food
  • Energy Star Qualified Refrigerator
  • Smart pull handle
  • Stainless steel finish
  • Door alarm
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Big Space for Huge Features

LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator can be truly named as the biggest refrigerator among its competitors and even predecessors. This device has a total of 31 cu ft capacity perfect for households having a lot of food to keep. There are more interior storage to keep up with your needs.

An even added convenience is its door-in-door feature. As the name implies, it’s a door within a door. This provides an easy access to food especially beverages located at the back of the refrigerator’s huge French door. This feature gives out extra storage space for the family to enjoy.

Though it comes to have a space huge enough to store food, the cooling system is not affected. It comes to make use of the Smart Cooling Plus Technology which distributes temperature evenly throughout the fridge. Airflow is allowed inside its huge panel making every food inside stay fresh and crisp that you would not even sense it has stayed there long enough.

Ice maker in a fridge is a good thing. It lets the user have continuous supply of ice and an access for it anytime. However, this comes to be a hassle when it eats up a lot of space that is supposed to be intended for the bins. This is never a problem with LG LFX31925ST though. It makes good use of the Slim Space Plus Cooling System which still allows the user to make ice while the interiors of the fridge still has enough storage space. LG has really made organization even better with its innovations.

This type of refrigerator having huge space and performing superb functions may leave each consumer an idea that it does consume a lot of energy. One may be thinking the wrong way if this is the case. LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator is Energy Star certified which means that it consumes energy efficiently. The user should not worry about staggering costs on electric bills as this refrigerator sees to it that you will not incur huge costs. This same thing lets this model belong to a number of environmental friendly refrigerators.

Advantages of using LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator

  • Obviously, it gives users a huge storage space for all their foods as it comes with a smashing 31 cu ft capacity.
  • Perfect for huge families or families hosting a lot of parties.
  • Organized drawers and bins.
  • An additional space is provided with the door-in-door feature.
  • The Slim Space Plus Ice System runs equally great in providing users with great working ice maker while still makes room for extra shelving inside the fridge.
  • It has linear compressor which reacts to humidity effectively. This makes way for food to be fresher and crisper.
  • Vents inside the fridge are put in a strategic way which means that air surrounds the whole refrigerator effectively thus maintaining the freshness of all the food inside.
  • Save money from your electric bill as this refrigerator is Energy Star certified which means that it consumes just enough amount of energy to maintain its operations.
  • Take part in the drive towards a cleaner and healthier environment as this refrigerator makes use of energy effectively.
  • Opening the freezer is easy with the Smart Pull handle. Usually, freezers come in tight considering the build-up of ice inside and this type of handle makes it easy for the user to perform such function.
  • Air circulating inside the fridge is maintained fresh with its air filter system. The user is sure to get the cleanest air that will help up in maintaining the freshness of the contents of the fridge.
  • It has water and ice dispenser tall enough to accommodate tall glasses and to make sure that spillage is not possible.
  • It has a 3 tier freezer which allows more room to organize your frozen goodies. You may come to separate each kind of frozen food to make it more organized.
  • It has a built in door alarm which creates a beeping sounds should the refrigerator is left open.
  • It operates quietly that it would not make disturbing sounds while performing its operations.
  • Comes with electronic temperature control.

Disadvantages of using LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator

  • It does not fit houses with small kitchen space.
  • Once a part of it is damaged like that of the ice maker, the refrigerator will start making noises.
  • There is a tendency that ice will fall back to the freezer. It seems like there are flaws in the engineering of the ice maker as the model has this common problem.

Households at a huge size would usually benefit with the use of LG LFX31925ST Super Capacity French Door Refrigerator. This refrigerator is something really huge that it can house a 31 cu ft of storage. Amazingly, it has also effective cooling system to maintain the freshness of its contents. Though there are some minor flaws linked with this refrigerator, it can be readily addressed by the many LG customer service stations.

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