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LG LFX28978ST (LFX28977ST) French Door Refrigerator Review

The LG LFX28978ST(LFX28977ST) French Door Refrigerator offers a whole lot of room and three doors for ease of access. The ice and water dispenser on the front of this 36”W x 70”H x 35”D fridge is 12.6” tall, in order to provide the user with ample space for filling tall glasses or pitchers. The lower drawer placement of the freezer prevents one from having to dodge frozen food bombs. The French doors of the refrigerator offer room to easily place wide objects inside for chilling. The shelves boast a wide variety of height adjustments. The ice maker is streamlined to provide more shelf space. This model has a cooling system, which has been designed to keep foods fresher longer. The compressor in this LG fridge is sensitive to temperature fluctuations, making quick alterations, yet it utilizes a smaller number of moving parts. The motor on this food preserver is backed with a 10 year limited warranty. The LG refrigerator is also energy efficient. This 28 cubit foot, food storage unit operates on a good 20% less energy than the federal standards require.
LG LFX28978ST (LFX28977ST) French Door Refrigerator
It sounds like the LG LFX28978ST gives the consumer a lot for the money. The customer reviews on this French door fridge seem to be mainly positive. What may give a little hesitation is that on a very popular site, there are very few reviews for this refrigerator and most of them are negative. Since later reviews on other sites are many and glowing, it would seem that when this fridge first hit the market, there may have been some bugs. There were complaints of easily damaged surfaces, drawers and shelves. Perhaps these reviews were taken into consideration and product improvements were made. That is the most logical thought, since positive reviews, on this LG fridge, are abundant on other appliance retail sites.

Almost eveyone who has purchased the LG LFX28978ST French Door Refrigerator, has gushed about the sleek look of this appliance. It is available in white and in black, but it would seem that the stainless steel finish is the most popular. That makes sense, because that finish has become greatly desired among home owners over the past few years. This unit has 6 temperature sensors to work with its multiple air flow cooling system. The door alarm lets owners know if the door is ajar and to cut down on that, this fridge comes equipped with a child lock. The temperature controls are electronic and the interior lighting is bright, thanks to LEDs.

In the refrigerator compartment of the LG LFX28978ST(LFX28977ST), there are 4 split shelves, 1 folding shelf and 3 shelves that slide out. The shelves are made of tempered glass. There are also 3 drawers in this section of the unit. There are 2 humidity crispers, which prevent frozen produce, and a bonus drawer. In the door of the refigerator compartment of this LG unit, there are 6 shelves or bins. Out of these, 2 are adjustable for gallon sized containers and there is a section for butter and such. In the freezer compartment of this unit, there are 2 drawers, stacked upon each other. There is a 60W bulb for ease of viewing and an ice bin. The limited warranty covers 1 year of parts and labor, 7 years on the sealing system and 10 years on the compressor.

For the few customers who have had unfortunate experiences with the LG LFX28978ST, their issues have been very unpleasant. Having to replace broken shelves and drawers within the first month, is not great. If this falls under the parts and labor warranty, though, it is not as bad as it could have been. There have been some customers who wish for a larger amount of ice, but others who are just fine with the amount. It would seem that if an event that calls for ice is coming up, bagging up ice from the maker a day or so in advance would take care of that issue. Most users of this LG French Door Refigerator have raved about the bright fridge lighting and perfectly chilled food and drink. Some have wished for the actual ice and water lights to be lit instead of having over button lighting. Others have mentioned that spills would be easier to mop up if the fridge drawers were many and smaller instead of larger and a harder to manuever. Some users have had a bit of trouble making the shelf adjustments and would prefer a crank system.

The LG LFX28978ST would probably find itself in another price bracket, if the crank system had been a feature. It would seem that most buyers flocked to this fridge because of its look, features and price. Depending on the retailer, this unit can be easily found for around $2,500 to $2,900. This is not always the easiest feat when a stainless steel refrigerator is involved. This refrigerator allows the user to store almost any form of food and drink within it. Tall bottles and party platters pose little challenge for this LG fridge. Being able to keep fruits and veggies at a their best in fridge temperature, without having to worry about your milk or soymilk going south, is something that this unit seems to do with ease. The door shelves provide ample room for a variety of bottles and jars. Almost all heights and widths of beverage and food containers, are more easily stored in this in this large capacity, French door refrigerator.

The LG LFX28978ST(LFX28977ST) French Door Refigerator may be just the unit for the consumer who is in search of a large capacity fridge, with a sleek, stainless steel style. If the budget cannot support a refrigerator that is $3,000 or more, then this LG model may be exactly what a consumer, who needs major cold food storage, needs. Of course, there should be a complete understanding of the delivery and return policy of the retailer of choice. It is also important to be present when this type of unit is delivered. The right retailer will provide professional delivery service, to insure premium performance of the unit on their end. Hopefully, future buyers of this LG refrigerator will be satisfied customers.

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