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LG LFX28978ST French Door Refrigerator Review

If you are looking to purchase a new refrigerator than it could be helpful to look at the pros and cons before you go ahead with buying a new appliance. The LG LFX28978ST is a French door refrigerator that has many features and is available for a reasonable price. It is a refrigerator that has a tall ice and water dispensing system, a slim SpacePlus ice system, and an enhanced 4-compartment crisper system. The LG LFX28978ST measures 35 ¾ in width by 69 ¾ in height by 47 5/8 in depth. It is a stainless steel French door refrigerator and weighs 377 pounds.
LG LFX28978ST French Door Refrigerator
The LG LFX28978ST is 28 cubic feet and allows for more space in order for you to have more room to organize your food. The French door refrigerator features the Slim SpacePlus which provides ice but does not take up any extra space in the door. The French doors themselves make it easier to open and get out the food that you would like. The fridge is located above the freezer. The bottom freezer makes it easier to search through and store food in the freezer. Other features of the LG LFX28978ST include not only the bottom freezer and the stainless steel look but it also has hidden hinges, a premium LED interior light organization, and extra door bins and shelf space. It also has three slide-out glass shelves that are spill protected and tempered and one folding shelf. The LG LFX28978ST also has a temperature controlled glide n’ serve drawer and two humidity crispers, as well as a bonus drawer and six door baskets 2 of which are adjustable gallon sized drawers. There is also a dairy corner and a freezer drawer that has 2 DuraBase plastic drawers. A pro to the LG LFX28978ST is that it uses 25% less energy which means that running your refrigerator does not use as much energy as the typical refrigerator. Another pro is that it runs quietly and is durable. The other features of the French door refrigerator is that it has a water filtration system, electronic temperature controls, a door alarm, and a one year warranty for parts and labor, and a 7 year warranty on the sealed system, and a 10 year warranty on the LG linear compressor.

Like any item that you are about to purchase it is helpful to look at the pros and cons and how the product rates among its current users. Many consumers agree that the French door LG LFX28978ST refrigerator is well made and they like that it is stainless steel, however a con to that is that finger prints and streaks are common with stainless steel appliances and some find that to not be appealing when purchasing an appliance. Another pro is that the refrigerator is large enough that you can place a pan on any shelf and still have room for your other food items, also the fact that there are four separate drawers that are good for organizing and space. In contrast to this is that the top shelf is warm and storing less perishable items at the top may be the best bet. Some consumers have found that the amount of ice and the size of the ice cubes is a con as the LG LFX28978ST does not produce a large amount of ice and any given time and the cubes are smaller than the average sized ice cube. Some consumers have also found that the doors do not always properly close which results in the door alarm sounding until the door is properly closed. Some users also find that it takes a little while to get used to using a French door refrigerator if you are not used to one however once you get used to it than it can be a good refrigerator. Some consumers agree that the refrigerator would not be the best fridge in a family with kids as the freezer is on the bottom and the fridge on the top making it slightly more difficult for a smaller child to get into the fridge to get food or beverage out.

Although many consumers agree that the French door refrigerator is beautiful and that the stainless steel is great there are still cons to the refrigerator. One such con is that the water tray does not always catch drops and excess water from the water dispenser. This appears to be an issue that is related to the amount of distance from the water dispenser and the tray. Again many consumers agree that the ice cubes are not only small but they stick together and that the ice tray can get stuck and therefore causing grinding noises and halting the production of ice. Another con is that the freezer may be smaller than most think it will be and some have found that it does not hold as much as their previous freezers. A pro for the refrigerator is that the French doors allow for easy access and that the interior is well lit by the LED lighting.

The LG LFX28978ST French Door Refrigerator has many pros and cons. The pros include a nice looking stainless steel exterior, good interior lighting, and a spacious set up. Many consumers however agree on the cons. The cons include that they ice cubes are too small and the refrigerator does not produce ice as quickly as they would like. Another con is that the refrigerator does not cool evenly which allows for perishables on the top shelves to not be properly kept compared to good throughout the rest of the refrigerator. Some consumers have had good experiences with the cooling of their refrigerator and have not had any issues with the top shelf not cooling as well as the other. This is something that various from refrigerator to refrigerator. Another con to the French door refrigerator is that the water dispenser tray does not properly catch the excess water which causes water to drip down the refrigerator or even straight to the floor. A pro is that the water filter works well and many consumers like the French doors because they allow for easy access throughout the fridge.

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