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LG LFX25978ST French Door Refrigerator Review

All refrigerators have these but the LG LFX25978ST has more varieties when it comes to organizing your food. It has numerous shelves, bins, adjustable drawers and so much more; you can place a large platter of food, a large fruit, a huge piece of meat or poultry and still have plenty of room for produce, groceries and dairy.
The bins and drawers are made of very durable glass and plastic which means you can use these time and again without ever wearing down.

LG LFX25978ST Features

  • Measures 32 ¾  x 69 7/8 x 35 3/8 inches
  • 25 cubic feet capacity
  • French 3-Door
  • With an ice and water dispenser located on the exterior panel of the door
  • With and LED display for temperature of the ref and freezer, ice and water, child lock and water filter status
  • With a Slim SpacePlus Ice System
  • With a built-in water filtration system
  • With Multi-air flow cooling system
  • With an electronic LED temperature controls
  • With 6 temperature sensor controls
  • LoDecibel Operation
  • With door alarm
  • With an LED interior light
  • With child lock
  • Ref has 4 split shelves with Spill Protector tempered glass, crisper bins, Glide N’ Serve drawers and bonus drawer
  • With 6 shelves or bins and a dairy corner bin
  • Freezer has 2 drawers, DuraBase Solid Drawer base, dividers, ice bins and freezer lights
  • Has a stainless steel body and coated metal
  • With contoured door and hidden hinges and toe grilles
  • With flush and metal cover on mechanical parts at the back
  • With matching commercial handles
  • Available in black and white colors
  • Energy Star certified
  • Comes with a 1 year parts and labor warranty, 7 years on the Sealed System and 10 years on the Linear Compressor

Water and ice dispensers

What a cool way to reduce power consumption than to have ice and water ready for you from the refrigerator door. You can get ice and filtered water which is filtered directly from the unit itself. It also has a convenient electronic display that tells you the fridge’s temperature as well as the filter changes and so many more important information to keep all your refrigerated food in tip top shape.

Large French doors

Definitely a huge convenience for homeowners. The LG LFX25978ST has an efficient, huge French-style doors that will open as large as it can to accommodate every member of the family. It can open wide for large food or open with only one door if you are only looking for one thing. The large interiors will never be a problem when you are looking for food since you have a bright LED light to guide you in your search.

Advantages of using the LG LFX25978ST

  • The LG LFX25978ST is sleek and stylish with its stainless steel body and slim design. It can fit most modern-style kitchen and any home with a minimalistic and futuristic kitchen design.
  • The large and roomy indoor capacity is ideal for a large family since it can occupy as much food as you would like to store. It can accommodate large food stuffs and still have specialized room for small items with its numerous bins and drawers.
  • The exterior ice and filtered water bin is perfect in conserving electricity since you don’t need to open the door just to get water or ice. The convenient water filter system is ideal in providing healthy and clean water for the entire family.                       .

Disadvantages of using the LG LFX25978ST

There are only a few isolated case of the LG LFX25978ST having audible to loud noises but most who have purchased the unit agrees that it is quieter and more efficient than other refrigerator brands and models with the same capacity.

Overall, the LG LFX25978ST is an ideal refrigerator for a huge family. It has so many features to make storing and freezing foods better. This fridge is also more efficient than other brands because of its tight doors, external ice and water dispensers and electronic temperature and humidity controls. It also has the roomiest indoor capacities and versatile shelves and drawers allowing the user to store different kinds of food and still maintain their freshness. The freezer is also huge and deep definitely ideal for a large family.

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