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LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator Review

So now comes the time when you are in the market for a new Refrigerator and you have time to do the research. It is always recommended that you do this especially when you are looking at spending anywhere from 2000 – 4000 dollars. It is quite apparent that there have been many innovations and improvements that have come down the pike over the last few years. The art of cooling and freezing your food items has just gotten better and better.
LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator
LG is one of the world-class manufactures of refrigerators and the LG LFC21776ST is one of their new models that are well worth taking a closer look at. A refrigerator with integrated reliability and advanced technology this frig has a seamless design that just might be unmatched in the industry. It truly is a world-class product at a great price, which just happens to be made by one of the top innovators in the world today.

So let us take a closer look at the LG LFC21776ST and find out what kind of features this unit has that makes it such a good purchase in today’s market. This refrigerator comes with so many various features that it becomes quite hard to take them all in at a glance. It is getting hard to separate some of the top manufacturers these days but I suspect in the end it will come down to how they handle their customer service.

The main great feature of this unit is its exterior design, after all that is what we all see first. You and your guests will be delighted and amazed at the sleek and seamless design of refrigerator. It will provide you with the ultimate in beauty and sophistication. With doors that are contoured and hidden hinges it has an elegance all its own. Adding the steel handles makes for a beautiful and unique touch while maintaining its beauty. They chose not to put an ice or water dispenser on the door front and chose instead to maintain a smooth appearance, which just seems to flow.

Inside the LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator, you find some of the most advanced innovations in cooling technology in the market place today. Featuring a multiple airflow system, which utilizes a unique method of cooling your groceries, you will have a refrigerator that does not allow the air to be circulated causing many problems that most units have to deal with. One of the problems with conventional cooling systems is that they cause uneven airflow and that will lead to uneven temperatures and you get odors popping up to deal with. With this type of cooling you get a constantly filtered even flow of air which helps to eliminate odors altogether.

With the French door design of the LG LFC21776ST you will have much better access to all of your food and drinks, by allowing you to get at every nook and cranny more easily. You will find 4 spill-proof glass shelves once you open the doors. These glass shelves have been sealed to help prevent any liquid spilled, from seeping down to any of the storage shelves below. These shelves have also been put on slide-out type mounts for easy access to load and unload your food items onto. Because they are made of glass, this also allows for easy cleaning and stain resistance. Most women find this to be a very strong feature of this refrigerator.

Inside the unit, you will find a Touch Pad Digital Temp Control to control both the upper and lower sections.

I had a bit of trouble finding not only reviews on the refrigerator, but I did manage to find an article or two to help. The only review that was written did not have the best result for LG but I will try and condense it for you. This person had purchased this unit a couple of years ago and for a while anyway was very satisfied. However, what they began to notice was that the drawer guides began to fall apart. Initially all the drawers worked quite well but as time went on, the plastic pieces began breaking off. This might be because LG had used metal bearings but plastic supports. They now have a handful of these bearing rollers along with broken pieces of the plastic guides. Of course, this has made all of the shelves lop-sided, and the door has become harder to close.

It would seem to me anyway, that higher end refrigerators would have a bit better roller and guide systems. When you pay this amount of money, there is a standard that should go along with the price. Of course, you can buy replacement parts for this unit but like so many manufacturers these days they are not willing to pay the labor costs of installing them. One should always take into consideration that the standard warranty for these types of products is just 2 years. Therefore, like always I would recommend that you take the time and do the research, and of course consider the purchase of the extended warranty.

One of the frequently asked questions is the dimension of LG LFC21776ST French Door Refrigerator. So I took the time to answer this one and it has: height 69.75 inches, width 35.75 inches and the depth is 30 inches so I hope that helps to clear up that issue. So like, I said there is not a lot of reviewable information about this unit but I hope that you will find this one of some help.

It is important to remember a good refrigerator that is well liked by all is the best option for any family.  If you are a loner, this decision should be quite simple, but if you are a family man or woman, then you will want to make sure the appliance that is as important as a refrigerator will meet all your  needs and some of your wants too.  Consider multiple styles and options before making your decision.  After all, you will have this appliance for many years.

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