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LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator Review

One of the most popular refrigerator styles nowadays is the French door refrigerator. Most of the time, this type is more convenient than the traditional type of fridge in terms of storage and comfort. There are lots of French door refrigerator models and the LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator is among the refrigerators that have the coolest features.

LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator Features

  • LED interior lighting and hidden hinges
  • Door Alarm
  • Multi-Air Cooling System
  • LoDecibel Operation
  • Energy Star Compliant
  • 4 Temperature Sensors
  • Humidity control crispers with Glide-N-Serve Pantry Drawer
  • Electronic/Digital Temperature Controls
  • LED Display

Food-friendly, Budget-friendly, Environment-friendly

The main items that most consumes store inside the fridge is food and that cannot be denied. With the consumers’ aim to keep the food fresh and cooled, they look for a food-friendly unit. While all French door refrigerators can claim they can keep food cool and fresh, not all truly do. The LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator is different because it has reliable features that contribute to its food-friendliness.

The Multi-Air Flow Freshness System distributes even cooling and freshness to all the items inside the fridge so that food stay fresh for a longer period of time. The humidity controlled crispers are designed with the fruits and vegetables in mind. In other words, these crispers are designed to lock in the right humidity needed to keep the produce fresh.

Consumers always want to save a lot on all the things that they put in their kitchen which is why they need a fridge that is budget friendly. The LG LFC20770ST is energy-star rated. And an energy star rated unit gives off great cooling power for lesser energy consumption which means more money-savings. Being energy star rated is also one thing that makes the fridge environment-friendly.

Advantages of Using the LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator

  • The freezer section of this fridge is spacious compared to other models.
  • This is also a quieter fridge than most models out there.
  • It comes with comfortable door handles that makes it easy and stress-free for users to open them.
  • It has a nice small design built to actually fit a barely 30 inch wide space.
  • The freezer has truly cool freezing functions. It freezes food items fast.
  • This is a good-looking refrigerator because the stainless exterior gives it an understated elegance.
  • It comes with a bright and flexible interior adding to the beauty of the fridge.
  • There are meat and vegetable drawers that do not dry out the items in them.
  • It alerts users when the door has been left open for too long because of its door alarms.
  • Its door storage easily stores milk and OJ cartons.
  • It is a spacious fridge. It has enough space in the top section and great space on the freezer for all the frozen foods.
  • It comes with accurate temperature controls that are easy to use.
  • Its French door design is a convenience feature because it eliminates the need for bending in a crumpled position to find things below waist level.

Disadvantages of Using LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator

  • The LED lighting can be very lame as it doesn’t provide enough illumination. It is weaker unless they are numerous.
  • Shelf height is compromised because of the three levels of shelving. There is not enough height to hold taller items on any of the shelves if these shelves are all in place.
  • The small size of this fridge offers constricted access because when only one side is opened, it provides users only a pretty small window to reach through in order to retrieve an item, making it hard to move around.
  • It comes with smaller veggie drawers because of the added thin drawer at the bottom.
  • The ice maker makes ice but it also makes a loud knocking sound on the process.
  • The freezer accomplishes its freezing functions but has the tendency to over-freeze items inside giving everything in the freezer a freezer burn.

Overall, the LG LFC20770ST French Door Refrigerator may not be perfect as it has its share of cons but for those who live in small apartments, this may be perfect value for the budget already.

$1,525.50 from AJ Madison

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