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LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range Review

The LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range is a free standing stainless steel gas range manufactured by LG that features 5 sealed burners and has an upper and lower oven. It also features a 12 hour automatic shut-off, which is a feature mostly loved by many consumers because of its ability to provide safety when cooking and baking. This gas range is good for baking and cooking multiple food items at the same time whether one is cooking for personal consumption or for business purposes. It is an LG quality gas range which means that its quality and its performance as well as other features are impressive.
LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range
LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range Features

  • 5 Sealed Burners
  • 2.2 cu. ft. Upper Oven
  • 3.9 cu. ft. Lower Oven
  • Convection System
  • Self-Clean system
  • 12 Hr. Automatic Shut-Off
  • Weight: 268 Pounds
  • Depth: 26.40 inches
  • Width: 29.90 inches
  • Height: 35.90 inches
  • Color: Stainless steel


The design of the LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range is very unique compared to other gas ranges because this features 2 ovens; a 2.2 cu. ft. Upper Oven and a 3.9 cu. ft. Lower Oven as well as the stovetop consists of 5 sealed burners which makes this gas range perfectly designed for multiple cooking tasks. This gas range also features an elegant and sophisticated appearance because it is made of stainless steel. In fact, its stainless steel body is not only designed for beauty and elegance but also for quality and durability.


The LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range is not only clad in a stainless steel clothing for beauty purposes. Since it is stainless steel, it won’t easily rust despite the wear and tear. It is not only made of stainless steel but made of strong stainless steel which is why it is sturdy.

Auto shut off Feature

The LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range is different from other gas ranges because of its 12 hour automatic shut off system. This feature is a safety feature because just in case one forgets to turnoff the power, it will atomically shut off and reduce the risk of gas range-related accidents especially in cases when the one cooking has a serious case of dementia. This feature includes a timer so that it automatically shuts off once the food you are cooking or baking is cooked already. This feature also ensures that even if you forget to shut off the stove or the oven, you won’t get burned food.

Control Settings

Aside from the 2-oven design this gas range has, it also features a user-friendly control panel that is packed with user-friendly control settings divided into three sections: Cooking Mode, Display/Timer & Light Controls, and Number Keypad/Start-Clear-Off. It has a number keypad and the touch pads that contain the upper and lower oven settings such as Clear/Off, Start/Oven Lock, Clock, and Setting. It also includes the timer for both the upper and lower oven. The control panel feature makes it easy for one to cook and bake at the same time and since the controls are user-friendly, this makes this gas range easy to operate.

Performance and Functions

With the LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range upper and lower oven features, it offers great performance and function. The upper oven has a warm function that allows one to maintain an oven temperature of 170 degrees Fahrenheit for keeping food warm for up to three hours after cooking. It also features a pizza function that will automatically preheat the oven to cook either rising crust or regular frozen pizza. The lower oven also functions well because of the Proof function which maintains a warm oven for rising yeast-leavened foods before baking. One can also save up to three different settings because of the lower oven’s favorite function.

The Pros and Cons of the LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range

The LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range pros and cons will help you decide whether this is the right gas range for you.


  • It is a gorgeous gas double-oven.
  • The exterior has a stainless steel look with five burners embedded in a shiny, ebony cooktop, making it a great looking gas range for the kitchen.
  • It is also good-looking inside because the interior of each oven is a dark sky blue as might be seen from a plane at 33,000 feet.
  • It has quality burner grates on the left, center and on the right; each heavy enough to break toes if accidentally dropped, which proves its durability.
  • It can quickly bring large amounts of liquid to a boil because it features an extra large burner that has a SuperBoil setting on the control knob and can even accommodate cookware up to 10 inches in diameter.
  • It is feature-packed and all the features this gas range contains are useful. They do not just exist for the fun of it but they exist for very useful purposes.
  • It is very convenient because it has all the features needed for easy cooking. For instance, it has a setting touch pad that allows the user to convert regular baking temperatures to their convection equivalents, adjust either oven’s thermostat up or down, activate or deactivate the preheat alarm light, adjust the beeper volume, or set Fahrenheit or Celsius as the preferred temperature scale.
  • It is easy to clean as the interiors ostensibly self-clean.
  • When the desired oven temp is reached, it remains rock steady.


  • The only con about this gas range is the fact that it costs a fortune compared to other gas burners and ovens out there. You can find a lesser priced counterpart that could also meet your needs even without paying the price of this gas range.

But overall, even if you can find another gas range that could meet your needs, the LG LDG3016ST 30 Freestanding Gas Range is still a great buy. This is because even though you are required to pay a high price, you are guaranteed to get the best quality, performance, safety, convenience that you cannot find in any other gas ranges.

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