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LG LcV900B Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner Review

The long wait is over for all the consumers who are demanding for a smarter, easier and cleaner canister-type vacuum cleaner. The LG LcV900B Kompressor Canister Pet Care Plus Vacuum Cleaner is here and it is packed with innovative features for an excellent cleaning experience with comfort ability.
LG LcV900B
LG LcV900B Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • 21 ft. retractable power cord
  • True HEPA filtration
  • Kompressor dust compression system
  • DualForce with motorized bar tool
  • DualForce suction
  • Compact canister
  • Motor overload protection
  • 4-pile height settings
  • Handle controls
  • Easy storage
  • Convenient locking feature

Innovative Performance

Vacuum cleaners come in different types, shapes and styles. When it comes to flexibility and maneuverability, this cleaning tool is in demand right now in the market and even online. This canister-type vacuum cleaner is on top among other products and is very popular. It is famous to some as the cylinder model. The motor and the dust collector are in a separate unit.

It is so popular to customers since it has a pleasure of interchanging and attaching different heads to its flexible hose for many different tasks. It is very easy to move and reach awkward places and also vertical surfaces.  It is very efficient on carpets since it has the power to clean similar to some upright models.

As time goes by, companies are redeveloping and redesigning the cylinder model or the canister-type vacuum cleaners. LG Electronics is one of the best companies that come up with the innovative technology for this type of product. LG electronics is a South Korean multinational electronics company that operates its business through their five divisions. Their vacuum cleaners belong to the home appliance division and this equipment is their focus.

With the combined ideas of their inventors, engineers and marketing specialists, the LG LcV900B Kompressor Canister Pet Care Plus Vacuum Cleaner has finally come out and introduced on the market today. Thoughtfully designed and developed, this unique vacuum cleaner is fully packed with features and will surely satisfy customer’s needs. Its innovative technology like Kompressor Dust Compression System, DualForce with motorized bar tool, HEPA filters, compact canister and a 21 ft. retractable  power cord can fantastically make vacuuming more powerful, easy and comfortable that consumers will think that cleaning is not a chore.

Advantages of UsingLG LcV900B Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner

  • The DualForce suction plus with a motorized bar tool can pick up dirt and dust on both sides.
  • This uses two added air pathways to create a much larger suction area.
  • It has an additional motor spins for best cleaning rendition.
  • It allows to store up to 3 times more dust, dirt and pet hair using its Kompressor Dust Compression System.
  • This system uses unique wiper blades inside the bin to keep it clean while concentrating on the dust intake.
  • It captures dust particles, pollens and common household allergens by means of its True HEPA filtration.
  • Has an adjustable setting and has a remote controlled power.
  • No need of going back and forth when cleaning in distant areas.
  • No need to unplugging and re-plugging while cleaning in distant areas since it has a 21 ft. retractable power cord.
  • Has a motor overload protection that prevents the device from over-heating.

Disadvantages of UsingLG LcV900B Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner

  • The only drawback is that the product’s pile height settings are very hard to push when set to its maximum height.
  • Some also say that after a couple of months of use, it develops a short circuit on the handle that may need parts replacement.

Overall, this LG LcV900B Kompressor Canister PetCare Plus Vacuum Cleaner is excellent for house cleaning, carpet, bed, floors and other surfaces at home and even in the office. Actually, this vacuum cleaner is not just for home use but also perfect to use in the office and hospitals as well. This is considered as the smartest cleaner and can make cleaning very easy and fast. No need of stressing one’s self and work can be done in a snap without spending much effort on it. Moms love this kind of equipment since they can instantly clean the house with less effort.

LG LcV900B
$359.00 from Amazon

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