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L’Equip Dehydrator Review

You can obtain lots of advantages to make your own dehydrated foods at home. A home-made snack has no preservatives and it helps you manage your appetite. Dried snack is ideal when you are travelling and it contains more flavors. With this device, you could save your money in purchasing foods in season. With more than a few choices in the market, L’Equip Dehydrator provides loads of features found in a more expensive model. With more than 24 square ft of space in drying, you may stack more than 12 trays. This helps in drying foods evenly and constantly with the solid state changeable temperature control, you are certain with the result. Food dehydrators are used in removing moist to help preserve the goods. Investing to have one is simple and offers low cost. What you require is a knife and a dehydrator.
L'Equip Dehydrator
L’Equip Dehydrator Product Features:

  • 500-watt dehydrator meant for drying herbs, flowers and food
  • Six-stack trays concealed in a 12 sq.ft. drying space
  • Adjustable thermostat along with computer-control sensor
  • Measures 17 x 11 4/5 inches x 10.5 inches
  • Ten years limited warranty
  • Instructional pamphlets with recipe and drying period included

Better Air and Heat Flow

The L’Equip Dehydrator removes all the water by handling the flow of air and heat. Low temperature is utilized in removing the humidity. In a few cases, dehydrated foods could last for several years. The previous form of dehydration being used is air and sun to keep meats. Luckily, in this present modern time it’s rather easier. Dehydration lessens the food volume as well, which indicates less storage needs in space.

In 1920, the very first commercial representation came around. Majority of discount shops would sell various food dehydrators including small appliance shops in large stores. Natural garden supply shops, food shops and seed shops carry them too, or like everything else, you may order them online. Cost will depend on its features as some may have expandable trays or you may add extra trays on it.

Drying Breathing Space

In general, 12 square ft of drying breathing space may dry around half bushels of produce. Thus, limited capacity could be an issue. You can find only 2 basic design of dehydrator with the use of either vertical or horizontal airflow. When your dehydrators have horizontal air flow, its heating element plus the fan could be situated on the unit’s side. Using horizontal unit lessens the mixture flavor so you could dry more than a few various foods at once. All trays receive a similar amount of moisture and heat, so it does not drip. In the vertical flow of air, its heating element plus the mounted fan is situated on the base part. One of its setbacks is when you dry several foods, the flavor mixes. The liquid also may drip in heating element.

Microprocessor Control

L’Equip Dehydrator features microprocessor control heat sensor to make a stable environment in drying. It is timeless and unique when it comes to the design. It is user friendly and clean to make a welcome addition to your kitchen. Using computer control sensor in checking the temperature every minute, the dehydrator makes stable drying for flowers, herbs and foods. It powers up at 500 watts, which gives flexibility required in drying meat, poultry, seafoods, fruits, veggies, granola, jerky, and potpourri and sachets. Directions and drying time for the entire recipes and items used in dehydrated foods are included in a manual of this dehydrator.

Made from Plastic

This machine is made from plastic which measures around 10 ½ inches tall when all 6 of its 17 x 11 inch trays are piled and covered in the place. The tray needs to be manually washed and its base must be cleaned. This dehydrator carries ten years of warranty for defects.

L’Equip Dehydrator Pros and Cons


  • L’Equip is among the most astounding food dehydrator since it offers a better warranty than other devices. It contains a warranty of 12 years that is beneficial to any user of this appliance.
  • Computer- powered heat sensors, which examine temperature every minute to keep the temperature even.
  • Adjustable thermostat. This thermostat is modifiable from 93-158 degrees.
  • Trouble free to clean. Each rectangular dehydrator tray comes with flexible screen. The screen’s whole pattern is easier to wash than a triangular pattern. You only need water and soap.
  • Opaque exteriors which helps prevent nutrient deficiency from the foods.
  • So quiet. It has no humming sounds that can irritate your hearing.
  • Trouble free to store. Since it is rectangular in shape, you can keep it with ease and less trouble in the kitchen cabinets. Also, you can open out the trays up to twenty.
  • Expandable. It comes with trays which measures 17 inches by 11.75 inches. It basically holds around 3 lbs of nuts.
  • Contains on and off switch. You can turn it on and off easily due to the built-in switch.


  • The L’Equip has few malfunctions. Some people complained that their unit has malfunctioned, though it was replaced after one or two days.
  • Poor customer service.
  • Trays deformed and melted after some time. Typically, after 20 sets, the base tray melts down and the electronics device stopped from working.
  • The trays should be turned to dry the foods evenly.
  • There is no timer. The temperature gauge does not show the entire temperature.
  • The price is a little costly.
  • Awfully poor user’s manual.

Few Other Points for L’Equip Dehydrator:

  • Concentrate or focus when you slice. Thin slices will do fast drying of meat and make equal cuts of similar thickness giving in finest result.
  • Keep the food in dry jars or in airtight containers or bags. Loosely pack them. Storing them on cool and dark area’s best you can do.
  • Clean and sanitize the racks carefully each time you use it. Soak them overnight to help get rid of desiccated foods.
  • Enjoy the dehydrator plus save you money. Have a healthy eating habit!

So, these are just a number of things you can consider when you are to purchase a food dehydrator. L’Equip Dehydrator is made from plastic which is so simple to clean. It can also be kept in a smaller space. Check the features of the item and see what is inside the box when you buy one. You can place an order for this appliance through online or visit the local appliance shop in your place. But, you must be aware of the various scams over the internet. Always double check the manufacturer and the site itself through reviews.

L’Equip Dehydrator
$119.99 from Amazon

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