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JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Review

The need to have a safe, practical and efficient stroller has been the argument of most parents. There are just so many brands and models to choose from. You may find it hard to choose among which is best for your child; there are comfortable strollers while there are safe ones. Some may offer stylish and efficient features while some may even provide ergonomic designs. But it is rare to find a brand that will provide all these from birth to your child’s toddler years.

The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller starts early; by the time you take baby home with you from the hospital, you need a car seat to place him in. This stroller transforms into a convenient car seat since it can fit on most car seats. By the time your baby is able to come with you for a stroll or for a walk, this stroller may be converted into a bassinet and then into a large stroller as your baby grows into a heavy toddler.
JJ Cole Broadway Stroller
JJ Cole Broadway Stroller Features

  • Weighs 30 pounds and measures 35.2 x 21.5 x 11.5 inches
  • Can carry weights up to 50 pounds
  • Will easily convert from a stroller to a bassinet to a seat for a large toddler
  • Will spin completely so that the stroller faces the parent or the caregiver
  • Large storage basket to place all of baby’s needs
  • With an adjustable height for the ergonomic handle
  • With a removable bumper bar
  • With an easy to fold or assemble feature
  • With an adapter to become an infant seat in a few steps
  • With large and durable double wheels
  • With wheel locks
  • With sturdy frame
  • With safety fasteners and straps
  • With washable seats, padding and canopy
  • Available in different canopy colors like red, pink, blue, gray, yellow and purple while the seat remains black.

Total comfort and safety

Every parent knows that safety is the utmost priority in every baby appliance and this is what JJ Cole is all about. The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is well-padded with straps and bars to protect an older infant. The large and thick canopy shields your baby from the elements plus provides a cover when baby has fallen asleep. The large wheels are made of hard plastic with rubberized surfaces to grip flooring or cement firmly; the entire stroller construction is strong and will hold a larger child.

JJ Cole strollers

A combination of style and safety is carefully placed in the manufacture of each JJ Cole stroller. There are so many designs to choose from plus colors are also well chosen to fit most parents who would like to match furniture colors with their child’s color motif. But this company is more than just style and colors, it is known for heavy-duty and easy to use strollers that have multiple functions.

Advantages of using the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller

  • You will save money from buying another larger stroller for your growing child. Since baby needs constant attention it is a must to have a durable stroller that any parent can depend on. This stroller will “grow” together with your child as he begins to support his head and neck to the time he is an active toddler. All parts of this stroller are fully adjustable to meet your growing baby’s needs.
  • The material is different from rough strollers and bassinets since every surface is smooth even the safety bar where baby holds on to. Having rough or contoured surfaces will contribute to scratches, marks and irritation especially when baby has been sitting or lying down for a long time. The bassinet/seat is well padded which is ideal for total baby’s comfort. You may also remove this material and just place it in the washing machine to clean when it is soiled,
  • The large canopy is not just a sheer material or a rough tent to cover baby but it is also soft and well padded. It is ideal to secure baby as he sleeps and as he moves about under the sun. It will not hold rain or water though however it will provide adequate protection long enough to take out your umbrella or to find a suitable shelter.
  • The large basket underneath is ideal for holding everything that baby needs for a walk and every parent knows that this is almost everything that a caring parent can get his hands on! From feeding bottles, pacifiers, toys, diapers, books, his mobile, stuffed animals, a change of clothes, shoes, his favorite blanket and so on. Of course you also need a place to put your purse or your small bag in and this could be the ideal place to put all these in.
  • The JJ Cole Broadway Stroller transforms into a car seat for a small baby and this again saves you money. There are more JJ Cole car seats and strollers fit for larger babies to offer total security and safety while in the car.

Disadvantages of using the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller

  • This stroller is definitely very expensive; it costs $379.00 online. This is basically why some parents shy away from purchasing a JJ Cole but some on the other hand agree that quality is priceless.

Overall, the JJ Cole Broadway Stroller is an ideal stroller, car seat and bassinet for your baby. It offers protection, an efficient and steady ride and versatility that is important in any standard stroller. This stroller will get you so many compliments while you and baby are out for a stroll for sure since it looks stylish and colorful; the frame is well constructed and the material is luxurious to the touch compared to regular strollers.

The only set-back is the price; it costs too much compared to low priced strollers with the same features but then quality is very important in any baby appliance. The price is worth it when you think of a stroller that you can use over and over again until baby reaches his toddler years.

JJ Cole Broadway Stroller
$379.99 from Amazon

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