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JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw Review

Prides its innovative and updated features that offer dependable precision, JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw tackles the hardest re-sawing work. As host of useful details, it includes high tension spring designs that give you control and power for accurate and clean cuts, plus strong construction to ensure maximum durability for lifelong usage.

Though the unit is such a wonder, there are a few great features in this that I cannot see in others. First, re-saw capacity of Jet. It has tracking windows for the blade and tension gauge too for proper setting. All in all, I could state that the Jet tensioning system’s quite good compared to the others. It is such a great unit.

JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw tool is made for the requirements of the present wood workers. There’s no need for you to add riser blocks since this tool contains an immense cast iron frame to enhanced power which is set to meet up the entire re-saw application. Together with the incredible features and latest high pressure spring design is the various amazing features that last for an extended time.

JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw Features:

  • Integrated 12 inch re-saw capacity for larger piece wood cutting
  • Two speed poly belt drive systems
  • Most recent designs for lower and upper cat iron frames for enhancing rigidity and strength
  • Blade guide post having pinion and rack change
  • Simple to view blades track window

High Cut Capacity and Integrated Retractable Blade Protection for Flexibility

To control through materials of different sizes, the JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw provides cutting capacity of 13.5 inches width and cutting ability elevation of 12 inches. This offer built in blade guards that are retractable too, which moves downward and upward from 0-12 inches, thus providing you the adaptability and flexibility to work on small and big work pieces.

Casts Iron Frame to Give Strong Performances

With massive and super strong cast iron frames, plus blade pace of 1500 to 3000 SFPM, JET JWBS-14DXPR packs a strong punch to see through materials with ease and speed. The product rigidity could even cut the hardest jobs and spares you from any difficulty of utilizing riser blocks.

Strong Table for Broad Range of Project

The JET Deluxe Pro JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw provides you the agility and flexibility to cater your demands for every project. Along with that, with its 43.5 inches height, the tables ensure that you could meet a variety of woodwork.

Lower and Upper Ball Bearing Guide for Lessened Friction

The JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw designed feature to provide absurd durability. The majority of this lower and upper ball bearing guide helps to lessen friction that improves blade performance as well as translates into an extended life of the blade.

Aspects for Safety and Precision

An effective poly-V belt power system offer more precision result as giving the option of 2 speeds for much control. In addition to that, an easy release tension blade ensures fast and flexible, effortless adjustment. Also, there are blade guide posts with pinion and rack adjustment for good accuracy and effective high tensions spring designs for constant strong performance even for tedious and long usage.

Blade Guide Posts and Simple to View Window for Security

Security is an utmost essence if working with a spinning blade. That is the reason why the JET Deluxe Pro JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw includes simple to view window for tracking. With its usable feature, you are constantly aware about the position of the blade while you’re working.

Enclosed Stand that Gives Better Organization

The JET Deluxe Pro JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw assists you to keep track with the materials and lessens clutter in the shop by simply featuring enclosed stand that has handy storage shelves. There is easy access to the door as well, thus you can easily hold the things you need or get back working with ease.

JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw Pros and Cons:


  • Dominates the bulk or volume of any cutting off jobs
  • The extensive appeal of this tool is focused on its lower cost, whole performance, and capability to cut any sizes and types of materials
  • Provides quality finish and products in various materials
  • Accurate cut-to-length precision and typically handles bundle-cutting jobs
  • When combined with several material feed and control options, such appliances provide good output with minimal cost for every cut rate
  • The secret for its durability depends on the materials. These are not produced from the light sources which are damaged too easily.
  • This tool is produced with cast iron. On the other hand, the cast irons are amongst the materials that could endure serious punishments and live for several years even after rigid usage.
  •  Durability isn’t just the purpose that you could get from this tool. Any work that’s made with this tool needs precision. Creating a wrong cut is a NO. Nobody wants to spend time on a job site just to make wrong cuts.
  • In spite of the value of work piece, make sure you make accurate cuts with the right saw.
  • When you choose a small kind of this tool then your choice should be a jet. They are lightweight and won’t take much of your space. With this kind of saw, you may expect similar precision that’s given by the counterpart.
  • You can guarantee that most of these tools ensure a longer usage and made from durable materials.


  • One major disadvantage of this tool is the inadequate option to be cut.  Basically, this tool could only cut tight curves and straight lines. Another disadvantage is the maintenance and preparation time for the long cutting.
  • One reason that could affect the precision is a table. When it isn’t polished, possibilities are you’ll keep on fabricating wrong cuts. On the other hand, there’s no chance for erroneous cuts with this tool. Why? Basically, JET Deluxe Pro JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw contains precision with polished surface.
  • JET JWBS-14DXPR Band Saw tool is lacking forecast iron grunion and stocks thrust bearing and tension springs, which is needed for this device.
  • The blade is also cheap and lacks quality.
  • JET band saw dust collection is not effective and the manual needs assistance.
  •  Another rip off for the saw is that the Jet does not make the aftermarket ball-bearings roller blade guide. Try to have an order but it’s a break off item.
  •  European styles of blade guides that comes with saw seems to work well than this.
  • However, if you want to have an upgrade, then look for the best one online.
$849.99 from Amazon

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