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JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw Review

JET 414459 vertical and horizontal band saw tool is among the well known kinds of this saw. It has hydraulic down feeder and a coolant system applied in making miter cuts on longer stocks like tubing and piping. Its hydraulic down feeder control permits the user in fiddling the cut speed. And its coolant system makes faster and cleaner cuts. A Jet Bandsaw tool is considered to be a great device for more than a few jobs and projects. It acquires the capability to power a variety of materials, Jet 414459  Horizontal or Vertical Bandsaw’s suited for home shops and job sites use. With high capacity, strong and swivel vise motor, this kind of tool gets your job done efficiently and easily. Also, it includes complete vertical work desk, adjustable material stops, coolant systems dual-metal blade saw, and a chip brush.
JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Bandsaw
Metal band saw tool is made either as horizontal or vertical band saw. Thus, a metal band saw tool is used for cutting hard objects and curves, but these are not just the things it could do. This tool is also great at cutting a few smaller tenons, re-sawing small strips and rabbets. This saw tool is merely classified as a powerful tool that consists of a flexible piece of steels having teeth on both sides or in single side. Prior to getting this tool, it’s important to obtain simple facts about its features and what specific band saw tool you must choose to buy.

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw Features:

  • Hydraulic down feed control that let the user change the cut speed
  • Weighty cast iron stoop and cot for superior robustness
  • Ground and hardened worm gear
  • Automatic power-off after cuts for a safe operation
  • Roller cabinet containing a built-in and fitted chip tray, which directs the debris or fragments away from its work-piece
  • Coolant system that lets you have an easier and cleaner cut
  • Comes with 2 year warranty

Swiveling and High Capacity Vise for Control and Versatility

Jet 414459 Horizontal or Vertical Band Saw has 7 x 12 inch capacity that can manage materials from steel to aluminum. It is due to its swivel vise that clouts up to 45degress and 5 inch throat depth. With this, you can have more control and flexibility for every project.

UL Listed Manual and Motor Speed Made for Strong Performance

This vertical or horizontal band saw owes its strong performance to UL listed, 115V 3/4HP motor that is being balanced by manual blade made for a much greater power. You may set its speed from 85 to 130 to 180 up to 285 feet/ minute whatever suits your job and materials. Along with that, its hydraulic down feed ensures an ease in cutting.

Cast Iron Hardened and Construction Plus Ground Worm Gears for Durability

Made to give you a consistent performance after how many years of usage, the Jet 414459 Horizontal or Vertical Band Saw boast its strong construction, which include a strong cast iron bed and bow, in addition to the ground and hardened worn gears for mega durability.

Automatic Power-off Plus Coolant System to Ensure Safety

To aide you in preventing accidents and loss of control, this Jet 414459 band saw tool automatically turns off after every cut, as complete coolant systems give the coolant through blade guide to avoid over heating plus it help ensure smoothness in operation.

Adjustable Blade Guide Plus Materials Stops for Accuracy

For extra comfort, Jet 414459 Horizontal or Vertical Band Saw features a flexible roller blade guide and adjustable material stops to accommodate various materials. Additionally, there is chip tray made right on the roller to help maintain the work space debris and dust free, which aids to keep visible when you work.

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Horizontal/Vertical Bandsaw Pros and Cons


First, JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Horizontal or Vertical Band Saw tool is not the same band saw device which could be applied to exert in metals to get different things. Horizontal type is normally utilized to cut a large work piece since it acquires the ability to do it. At the same time, the vertical kind that uses less control creates a continuous cut through the use of its circular constant blades. This has the ability to complete complicated cuts.

Band saw simply is power device that is utilized in working for metals, woods and cutting other kinds of materials like plastic. This means that lots of power would be used when you use this tool, thus, one significant concern to have if you get this kind of saw is its power usage needed by the specific kind you are purchasing. If you’ll be using this tool to cut through big logs, then too much power or energy is needed which means an increase in your energy bills.

Additionally, another concern you ought to remember when having this kind of saw is the variety of blades you would require. This thing is needed for the type of blade obtained determines the cut made. In other words, various blades make various cuts. For additional info about this, make sure that you speak through the sales representative. Of final note, make sure that you often check the label of the product for any kind of band saw that you would like to buy. Try to look for its rating, product, dimension and motor specification. Also, inquire from sales staff when you wish to acquire clarifications with the things you do not understand.


JET 414459 HVBS-7MW Horizontal / Vertical Band Saw shut-off switch is designed poorly. It is close to a pivotal stop on the saw and suitable adjustment was confirmed not possible, so far. You’re obliged to raise the saw fairly high to be able to turn on the control which makes the visual arrangement of cuts a lot more difficult and the hydraulic to plunge the saw, and eventually become dull. The cheap 6-inches saw has the shut off in the opposite end, as a result it is very simple to use and set. A minor complaint about this tool states that the work piece’s holding jaw is controlled by a small hand wheel beneath the saw if it’s in a downward position. This could be better if the wheel is quite bigger and possibly positioned at the end of saw.

Following these considerations mentioned above places you in good position if trying to purchase JET 414459 HVBS-7MW horizontal band and the vertical counterpart. By now, you may have been questioning, what thoughts you ought to make prior to acquiring this band saw tool. It might seem particularly complicated for first timers; however, you should not worry as merely two of its features are primarily seen.

JET 414459 HVBS-7MW
$1,299.00 from Amazon

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