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Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Review

Sport strollers are expected to give babies and parent a lot of fun bonding as well as give comfort and convenience for them. The Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller is not only sought after because of its affordable price but because of some features that give both the baby and the parent a happy and comfortable trip.
Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller
Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller Features

  • Lightweight and compact frame
  • 40 ponds weight capacity
  • Weighs 13.75 pounds
  • Hand foldable stroller system
  • Canopy
  • Reclining seats
  • Storage basket
  • Child Cupholder
  • Child Tray
  • Parent Cupholder
  • Parent Tray
  • Shock Absorbers
  • cargo bags
  • JPMA Certified
  • 32 x 18 x 39.5 inches measurement

Comfort and Convenience Provider

No parents would ever desire to purchase a sport stroller that gives them a headache as well as compromise the comfort, convenience and safety of their babies. They would normally prefer a sport stroller like the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller. Comfort is provided by this sport stroller because of its reclining seats and canopy. The seats allow the babies inside to be comfortable while the canopy protects them from the sun’s heat and harsh weather conditions.

Convenience is also offered by this stroller especially to parents because of its one-hand fold design, free-stand design, lightweight, compact frame, very sturdy and easy to maneuver wheels, and a lot more.

With a comfortable and convenient sport stroller, parents can have the peace of mind that their babies are comfortable as well as taking their babies out for a walk using the stroller won’t be such a burden to them, but a fun activity.

Advantages of Using the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

  • It has excellent wheels that allow this stroller to roll very smoothly.
  • It is also easy to navigate so one can even navigate it with the use of a single hand.
  • It is very lightweight which makes it possible to be lifted and moved one-handed without difficulty from one place to another.
  • It is foldable so it is convenient to take anywhere. But it is not just foldable. It is also one-handed foldable which means one can fold and lift it with one hand.
  • It comes with recline seats wherein one can adjust the seat to a do-able napping position for babies to sleep comfortably even on a trip.
  • It comes with trays for both the parents and the child wherein one can put cups and drinks while strolling.
  • It has the ability to stand upright on its own after folding.
  • It comes with a nice sun canopy with “window” wherein this is not only a design pro but also convenience pro.
  • The handle height is also convenient because it comes to just about 38 inches and allows one to stand comfortably and easily push the stroller without straining the back.
  • The stroller has a quality appearance as it looks durable and safe for the baby. It does not look cheap even for its affordable and low price.
  • Its front wheels have some marginal shock absorbing ability.
  • It can be folded or unfolded very easily.
  • The handlebars of this stroller provide comfortable grip and adjustment
  • It comes with brakes that are easy to lock or unlock.
  • Aside from the trays, it comes with a good amount of storage area such as storage bags, etc.

Disadvantages of Using the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller

  • One factor that would make parents worry about this stroller is the fact that it lacks any sort of “locking mechanism” to keep it from opening from the folded position which could be an inconvenience during travel.
  • There is a safety issue when using this stroller. It does not have a head support flap so the baby’s head has the tendency to lean against the metal rod which could hurt them eventually.
  • It may pride itself as a comfort provider but it actually lacks more comfort features for the baby.
  • It comes with good amount of storage however; they do not guarantee that much convenience because of their small sizes.

Overall, the Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller is great for those with a busy and active lifestyle but for those who are looking for more comfort features and guaranteed safety features, they might want to explore other options.

Jeep Cherokee Sport Stroller
$52.00 from Amazon

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