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InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger Review

Having more than one toddler can make it really difficult to get out of the house to exercise, but those difficulties are greatly lessned thanks to the InStep Safari swivel wheel double jogger. Unlike some double jogging strollers, this stroller is designed with three wheels, which makes steering and control much easier while you’re on the run. There are cupholders and trays for your kiddos and yourself as you enjoy a good run, while the rubberized grip won’t get slippery as you get sweaty. It’s design is built to hold two kiddos up to 50 pounds each, which means you can even take your preschoolers with you on a jog! Thanks to the InStep Safari swivel wheel double jogger, there really is no excuse not to get out and exercise any more.
InStep Safari Swivel Wheel Double Jogger
What Are the Features of the InStep Safari Stroller?

The InStep Safari swivel wheel double jogger features pnuematic tires that make taking a walk or run on virtually any type of surface possible, so it’s not just for packing into your vehicle for a trip tot he mall. It’s canopy retracts into five different positions, allowing you to be able to keep the sun or other elements off of the kiddos as you get your exercise. In addition, the InStep Safari has these features:

  • a smooth and versatile ride thanks to its quick release rims;
  • a dual trigger mechanism so the stroller won’t accidentally start to fold up on you;
  • easy to remove wheels that come on and off with a literal snap; and
  • fully molded parts to add strength and versatility to the product.

Priced competitively for a double stroller, it is a side-by-side model stroller, so it does take up some space on the sidewalk. That being said, you’ll get a quality product for an affordable price with the InStep Safari.

Are There Any Advantages to Owning the InStep Safari Stroller?

What’s nice about the InStep Safari swivel wheel double jogger stroller is that the shade canopies are separated instead of one unit, which means you can adjust each canopy to fit each child’s needs. It’s easy to fold and at 37 pounds, it is light enough to transport or carry, while being heavy enough to be supportive of your kiddo’s weight. In addition:

  • this stroller is easy to push no matter what size your kiddos are;
  • it is extremely easy to put together; and
  • you can set the front wheel to be either stationary or allow it to swivel.

Does the InStep Safari Stroller Have Any Disadvantages?

The primary disadvantage of the InStep Safari swivel wheel double jogger is that it isn’t very balanced if you only have one child to take with you. If you’re out for a run, you might find that the stroller will want to tilt or sway to the side with your kiddo in it. As with many stroller baskets, it won’t carry much stuff without dragging on the ground, so it’s often easier to just balance extra things on top. On the whole, however, you won’t find many strollers at this price range that are as versatile, comfortable, and easy to use than the  InStep Safari swivel wheel double jogger.

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