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Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller Review

As soon as your baby is old enough to accompany you outdoors one of the most important baby furniture is a baby stroller. The Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller is a stroller that will meet your needs as a parent or a caregiver as well as provide a safe and sound area where baby can sleep, sit up and play while sitting. It has features that will enhance baby’s comfort as he learns what it’s like outdoors; this stroller also has features that will allow you to travel with baby outdoors in a more relaxed and stylish way.
Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller
Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller Features

  • Weighs 15 pounds and measures 19 x 43 x 30 inches
  • Can carry up to 55 pounds of weight
  • Umbrella closing stroller
  • With soft touch and ergonomically designed handles
  • Can recline into four positions
  • With a reclining backrest
  • With a carrying handle
  • With a large basket to place all of baby’s needs
  • With a larger canopy system which provides shade from the sun and dust
  • Well-padded seats
  • Washable canopy, seats and harnesses
  • Durable wheels and wheel locking systems
  • Easy to fold and store away even in a small cabinet or under the bed
  • Strong construction but safe for baby to be in
  • Storage basket that can carry more diapers, feeding bottles and toys

When choosing a stroller the first thing that needs to be considered is the weight that the stroller can hold. The Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller can hold up to 55 pounds of weight which means it can hold kids up to more than a year old. You need to be specific about a stroller that will be used as a child grows and gains more weight since strollers are not just very expensive but will only be used for several months

Comfort is the second thing to consider when choosing an ideal stroller; there should be well padded seats, sides as well as everything that touches baby’s skin. The seat must also be safe and equipped with safety harnesses to prevent baby from slipping and falling. Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller has all these and more features that will possibly make you consider it your ideal stroller.

Inglesina strollers

There are so many Inglesina strollers and each one bears the brand that means safety and well developed features to enhance the way you care for your baby. Although Inglesina is a fairly new brand compared to Graco and Chicco, its stroller models are competitive and well designed to offer the best quality for discerning consumers.

Advantages of using the Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller

  • The Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller has fully adjustable seats to allow you to adjust for baby’s needs. You can totally recline the seat so baby can sleep, place it in an angled position so that baby can still relax as he is wheeled everywhere or you can totally place the seat right side up so that baby can eat or feed as he enjoys his time outdoors.
  • This stroller is safe as it is comfortable. It is well-padded  and the wheels are equipped with a locking feature to secure the stroller as you lift baby out or as you place baby back in. the lock is very easy to access, you just step on it to activate the lock or you lift the lock with your foot to release it.
  • The wheels roll easily perfect when you would like to take baby for a long walk outdoors. The wheels will move in different directions so you will never force the stroller forward when you move. The handles are also ergonomically designed which provides less strain on the wrists and on the hands; you will appreciate how soft the handles are while you move the stroller about.
  • The large basket located below the seat is large enough to hold so many items or baby stuff that you need even for a short trip. From diapers, feeding bottles, change of clothes, toys, a cap, extra shoes or solid food and juice to bring along in case baby gets hungry. You may also place your stuff like your purse; it is safe and spacious plus will never be in the way when you push baby anywhere.
  • The large canopy is ideal for long hours in the sun or when you pass by the street which has smoke and smog. A canopy will also provide a shield as baby sleeps or as he relaxes so that he can sleep.
  • The way this stroller folds away like an umbrella is one of its fine points. You can literally save space as you fold this stroller and store it in a convenient place like a cabinet or under the crib or bed ready for your next adventure.

Disadvantages of using the Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller

  • The Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller is an efficient stroller but could use a larger and more comfortable seats and foot rest. The product design is missing a bar that can prevent baby from climbing out to the stroller.
  • The wheels of this stroller are very efficient but may be too fast moving for a safe stroller ride. You should consider the strength of the wheels and seat if it can hold your baby as well as other stuff that you will need to carry along with your for your outdoor trip.

Overall, the Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller is a stroller that will be ideal for a small baby until your baby becomes heavier. It is versatile and will allow you to make specifications for your baby’s needs. Tis ergonomic features also make it a welcome sight for caregivers and parents since it is an ideal way to prevent hand and wrist injury especially when you are going out for an extended walking or hiking time.

The price is definitely worth it; it only costs less than $120.00 online and when you buy at Amazon.com you are eligible with Super Saving Shipping and free returns.

Inglesina 2013 Swift Stroller
$110.49 from Amazon

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