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Idol Lash Review – A Review of the Clinically Proven Eye Lash Enhancer

Have you been dying for those glam, sexy eye lashes?

Are you tired of smearing on the mascara and penciling in your eye brows?

Apparently you’re not alone. Nothing grabs attention like long, silky dark lashes and well defined eye brows. But nothing chases it away as fast as clumped and smeared mascara and pencil lines that you can see across a room. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have lashes that are naturally thick, luxuriantly long, and decadently dark?


A reputable product from a reputable merchant.

It seems the makers of IDOL LASH, members of the trademarked Natural Products Association, proudly stand behind their natural solution to eye lash enhancement. They take pride in the quality of their products and want their customers to be pleased with their purchase. They believe in consistently offering the highest value, quality and selection to their customers. IDOL LASH enters their product line offering safe, natural ingredients in a serum formulated to enhance eye lash and eye brow growth.
Idol Lash
What IDOL LASH does.

As the company claims, IDOL LASH combines safe, non-toxic, natural ingredients to promote the growth of naturally longer, thicker, darker, fuller eyelashes. The combination of ingredients stimulate eyelash growth and condition the eyelashes to produce densities as high as 82% in as little as 2 to 4 weeks. These ingredients are just as effective with eyebrow hair that grows in a similar manner to eye lashes.

The natural ingredients in IDOL LASH.

IDOL LASH begins by combining ingredients from nature:

  • Chamomile Flowers that stimulate growth naturally.
  • Keratin that strengthens the root and increases follicle retention.
  • Cocoyl (derived from coconut oils) and honey extract that both work to strengthen and thicken eye lashes.
  • Kelp nourishes the hair follicle to promote growth.

Natural vitamins and proteins are then added to increase both eye lash length and thickness. Rich minerals add strength, conditioning, and shine to lashes.

Polypeptides are used to further increase volume and strength and protect the lash from damage and form a base that promotes the regrowth of lost lashes.

Moisturizing agents provide the moisture needed for rejuvenation, elasticity and durability for an overall stronger lash.

Clinical study results.

A panel of 15 subjects aged 24 to 82 years old were chosen to apply IDOL LASH to their eye lash and eye brow roots once a night for two weeks.

The study showed measurable results after two weeks in eyelash length, density, thickness, and strength.

  • Overall density for all subjects increased by up to 82%.
  • Eye lash length, measured by Sigma Scan Software, showed an increase of up to 25% in all subjects.
  • Further studies have concluded that IDOL LASH uses the purest ingredients and causes the least amount of irritation overall for an eye cosmetic product, and is considered safe to use by users with sensitive eyes.

Easy application.

IDOL LASH is best applied at night at bedtime. It takes only a few short minutes.

  • Remove any mascara or eye make-up.
  • Apply IDOL LASH with a brush to the baseline of eye lashes on both the upper and lower lid, and against the skin if used on eye brows.
  • Use only one brush per eye lid or eye brow.


Shipping weight: 12 ounces.

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Consumer Rating

2.5 out of 5 stars

PROS—Consumer comments

  • After only 3 weeks pale lashes are visibly darker and the longer length can be measured.
  • The darkener and growth means you can skip wearing mascara.
  • It’s possible to use it more often than the directions because it’s non-irritating..
  • It’s simple to apply.
  • The natural ingredients are an attraction in a world of cosmetics filled with chemicals.
  • It’s a pain free and simple method of enhancing eye lashes and eye brows.
  • Very quick shipping—the product shows up days after ordering it.

CONS—Consumer comments

  • The lashes grow in longer, but not thicker.
  • The results were hard to see and took longer than expected.
  • It’s expensive for the amount of product you get.


Prices vary and change. Go to Amazon.com to check out the latest pricing, special offers and availability.

A celebrity choice.

Apparently celebrities are choosing the natural, non-toxic and non-irritating goodness of the IDOL LASH enhancement serum. IDOL LASH could be the next best alternative to the tedium of coating thick mascara on eye lashes or penning eye brows in. Get those looks you’ve been dying for with the lashes you’ve been waiting for!

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