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How to Use Gas Grill

A gas grill is a perfect partner in every cooking activity at home. Surely, you would not want your family members to drool over the food while you are waiting for it to be completely cooked. You would consider speed. Speed is one of the specific pros of gas grills. Consumers tend to buy these grills because it saves time. However, saving time is a question especially if the user is not that knowledgeable about the proper way to use the grill. So, here is how to start up cooking the quickest and safest way.
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  • Prepare the grill first. Make sure that the grill stands in an even terrain. This waves away the possibility of having accidents brought by stumbling grill. This will also even out the lava rocks to maintain the same amount of heat in the grilling area.
  • Place lava rocks on the bin. If charcoal is used in a traditional grill, lava rock is what gas grills use. These rocks light up light charcoals too but it makes use of gas to operate. Make sure that there is an even distribution of these rocks too.
  •  After which, place the cooking grill above the lava rock. Usually, there are gridlines and guides that hold the grill in place. Make sure it is securely attached before proceeding.
  • Check the connection tubing for any signs of tearing and cracks. Unchecked valves are usually the cause of most accidents in the cooking area. In most instances, this results to fire. A better way to check for the efficiency of these tubing is to dab soap suds around it. Bubbling may mean a worn out valve. If you have got this, discontinue cooking.
  • Make sure that the screw on the propane tank is closed too. Make sure that there is no gas escaping since you are in the assembling process still. Make sure also that the control knobs on the grill are turned off.
  • You can now start connecting the propane tank to the grill. Securely adjust the junctions to make sure that the gas from the propane tank is delivered to the grill.
  • Now that everything is secured and in place, you can now open the screw of the propane tank. There are different ways to open the tank so you might as well check the manual for specific instructions.
  • Light the grill. Do not forget to open the lid. Turn the control knobs on to a maximum. Once you can see that fire is achieved, you may adjust the knob the way you want it.
  • You can now start cooking. The best thing about cooking with a gas grill is that it will not swallow much of your time. This is perfect if you have got lots of cooking to do but with a limited time.
  • After you are done cooking, turn the gas control knob to a maximum for like 5 minutes. This is to clean out lava rocks from the drippings that might leave it look dirty. Aside from this, the greasy drippings will turn out to create a flare the next time you grill that might burn your food. Cleaning out these rocks is necessary. Clean out also chipped lava rocks and broken ones if the grill’s temperature has completely subsided.
  • Turn off the propane tank screw. Securely close it and place it in a dry place away from fire. You might even want to store it outdoors for safety purposes.
  • Turn off the gas control knobs too so that the next time you will use the grill you would not have the problem.
  • Clean the cooking grills from food residues to avoid bacteria from accumulating on the grill.
  • Keep the grill clean and dry outdoors. You might want also to house it in a perfect shielded place to avoid exposure to the elements of nature which may interfere with its functions.

These safe steps ensure a better cooking experience. Gas grills come with a manual for special instructions on the way the equipment works. You might as well read its contents for special considerations that should be brought upon your knowledge. Gas grills are best coking buddies and works well especially if each step is taken in serious consideration.

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