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How to Use Air Purifiers

Dust, allergens, pollens and pet hair are just some of the things that stimulate allergic reactions to a person. These same things pose a threat to the household as there are increasing risks in air borne viruses. The best way to guard your family from these is to conduct daily clean up. However, this just gets a little tedious and dusts seem to be out of control. The best way to ever get rid of the threats even if you are not around is to have air purifiers installed.
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However, just like any other instruments used at home, this one must be used efficiently and rightly in order to maximize its power. Its efficiency also lies on the right installation and the right usage. Here are the ways on how you can finally put these air filters to maintain cleanliness at home giving you fresh air that you can safely breathe in.

There are two types of purifier that you can use. One is the more luxurious type which has a filter attached that you can just plug in. Another is a cheaper one making use of a fan and a filter. Let us look at the traditional purifiers because this needs some assembling done.

  • It is but proper to start working with tasks if all the necessary items are available. There are mainly two things you could use in the process, the air filter and the fan. Air filters range from different types. HEPA filter is recommended though if you have a family member who is sensitive to dust particles. It can trap allergens as small as 0.3 microns that will be a great benefit on your part.
  • Place the air purifier in a leveled surface in order to avoid it from tripping down. An uneven surface can also cause filters to tumble down which may not give you just as much work needed.
  • Make sure that the filter fits the fan to be able to garner just the right effects. Measure the size of the fan and choose the filter that will fit it best. There are sizes available in the market that you can use. Bear in mind that the reason for attaching the filter is to clean air that enters the fan ready for dispersal so might as well cover it with the right size of filter.
  • Tuck it on the fan and make sure that there are no escapes on air passageways. The air that comes out must well fit the filter to achieve better results. Inspect the edges for parts that are not well fitted. This will save you from achieving the best results.
  • Once the filter is tucked on the fan, you may turn it on. Air will then be filtered clean ready for you to breathe it in. There are certain machines that you can use to determine the number of particles cleaned out by the purifier. This would be very helpful to know how well the purifier works to serve you.
  • Now that the air is purified, it is time to do measures to maintain the purity of air inside the house. It is a must to close doors, windows and holes that may draw outside dusts from entering your home. The whole process will never be as effective when you will keep dusts from entering the already clean air inside your house. Maintain closed doors and windows to achieve best results.
  • After which, take a close watch over the filter. Change it from time to time to avoid clogging that may cause the product to degrade its functions. The air you breathe can never be as clean when you have left the filters clogging.
  • Do clean the room too. Though air purifiers are installed, it would be best to do some work too. Remember that air purifiers work extra when there are lots to clean. This means that it would eat up a lot of energy that would be very evident on your next electric bill.

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