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How to Use Air Purifier

Sensitive respiratory tracts benefit more from using air purifiers. This piece of equipment makes sure that your home is free from dust particles, pollens and allergens that might cause illnesses and might affect the respiratory system greatly. Small microorganisms often carry the deadliest disease. Yet, as functional as it is, there is a need to know the “this’ and that’s” of this useful equipment to serve its purpose.
Honeywell 50250-S Air Purifier

  • Make sure that your air purifier stands in a dry place. Since it does run with electricity, any wet surface can cause accidents that you have to get rid of. Taking the purifier away from wet surfaces protects this piece of equipment from getting damaged.
  • An air purifier is nothing without an air filter. Make sure that the air filter is securely placed inside the purifier to make sure it runs effective. It is also a must to change filters from time to time to avoid accumulation of dust particles. Dust can block the system which results to a decreased effectiveness in cleaning air. There are air purifiers which demand you to manually clean the filters. But, more advanced ones have the capacity to self-clean. There are even those with alarm lights to let you know if there is a need to replace the filters. Filters play an important role in the process so you should place a lot of emphasis in it.
  • Place the purifier in the area where it will be of great use. For example, in the kitchen to clean the air from the smell of smoke accumulated from cooking several kinds of foods. It is also effective to put the equipment in places where dust particles particularly stand. Start from the areas which cause you alarm.
  • Make sure that the air purifier is in a key area where there are no things blocking it or else air will not be purified. Blockage may result to decreased functions that may not sound great especially if there is a need to really get rid of the tiny particles around the house.
  • There is no question on the effectiveness of the use of these air purifiers but it should not do all the work. You have to do your own cleaning to minimize the use of the equipment. You have to remember that the more dust particles there are in the atmosphere, the more the equipment has to work hard thus using a significant amount of power that may increase your electric consumption.
  • Make sure to close all the windows and doors too. This will make the purification process even easier.  In this way air inside the house will surely be covered by the equipment. If you are to open windows and doors, the whole process will be put to a dump since you are encouraging dirty air from entering the house before the equipment can even clean the area.
  • Check for any cracks, tears and wears. These simple flaws may grow bigger if not taken into consideration.
  • Should there be noted deviation in the way it works, you should contact a technician instantly. Any sign of damage can affect the way it works and before you knew it is way beyond repair.
  • Lastly, take conscious effort to clean the equipment. Aside from the air filter, the whole set should also be free of dust particles to function well. This is also to maintain an aesthetic look of the equipment. Bear in mind that the air purifier is placed in areas where your attention is most of the time. Might as well consider cleaning it to appear pleasing to the eyes not only of your family members but also those who comes in your dwelling place.

An air purifier is a great addition in every home. This is one of the trusted equipment to maintain a healthy you. But a good partner is never going to work for long if not with your own moves too. Make sure that as the equipment is working, you are doing your own part too in cleaning your own space. Also, you have to know the things to do to maintain a properly working air purifier. No matter how efficient your purifier is, if not used properly, will just turn out to be just a home accessory.

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