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How to Use a Scroll Saw

Scroll saws become popular in the current market with its handy and trendy features.  It has been known as the most functional machines that can be seen in every home or shop as well. It enables anyone to cut a wide variety of dimensions, sizes and shapes from different types of materials such as wood, plastic or iron. Scroll saws are versatile and portable tools that can be attached to any types of table tops, or improvised work benches.
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Just like any types of saws, it is important to take into account some of the essential tips on how to use a scroll saw. The tips would guide you in doing the tasks with accuracy and precision.

  • It is always important to read manual to get more information on how to use a scroll saw properly. This manual provides the right operating guidelines that ensure safety and protection while working. More than that, you also need to ask opinions from those who have experienced in using such type of operational tool.
  • Working in a well-lighted place is highly recommended to avoid any types of injuries. The right amount of light would guide in accurate cutting of the materials and would let anyone to see patterns and lines on the materials to be worked on.
  • Wearing a dust mask and protective glasses is essential to avoid any debris coming from saw.
  • Determine the different types of blade that has been used before starting to cut any types of materials. Various types of blades can cut every pieces of wood or hard plastic material. However, a thin material may only need small teeth of blade.
  • As a beginner you can use a scroll saw with a heavy gauge blade with numerous teeth.
  • Some materials that have been made with Plexiglass, aluminum and metals require advanced scroll saw blades to properly cut them. You can use strips of tape along in cutting Plexiglass and plastic materials to ensure smooth and cool cutting procedure. Likewise, the tape will reduce the friction when making marks on various on the edges of the wood. Likewise, dry lubricants can be a good option to facilitate ease in cutting.
  • You can start working by switching the scroll saw and cutting them on a specified pattern.
  • The speed of the blade can be adjusted anytime you want most especially if you have been using a model with variable speed design. However, a slower speed must be used for hard wooden materials while a faster one must be employed for soft wooden products such as maple woods.
  • The right types of blades must be installed to the braces of the saw, which can be found at the work panels and at the upper part of every framework. Some simple toothed saw blades are best in cutting some wooden materials while a diamond edged blades are great for glass materials.
  • Place the scroll saw blade into the first line that needs to be cut. Both hands must serve as a guide in cutting the woods through the blade. Hold the piece of the wood and push it through the lines you plan to cut.
  • The feed rate must be carefully adjusted to the scroll saw that will make you comfortable while handling it. Always watch the direction of the blade for security reasons.
  • Gradually turns the scroll saw from time to time to attain precision in cutting. In addition, all edges must be properly cut. Moreover, you can use sandpaper to smoothen the rough edges and in order for it to look well.
  • It is vital to change the skill of the saw blades, when changing the thickness of the materials. The speed of the blades must be considered before completely working on any patterns.
  • A scroll saw has two adjustable knobs that are placed under the work surface, which could flatten the entire panel or surface when put in a zero level. If you want to make an angled cut, the knobs would allow at angled tilt cut. Every work surface must be set and positioned in a proper place while turning on the saw. However, make sure to follow the cut lines for better results. Indeed, by following the tips above would ensure high quality output and production in the long run.

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