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How to Use a Circular Saw

Every tool has been designed for a specific function that will make a task a lot easier. It comes in a wide variety of forms, features and functions, which has always been a part of daily living. Nowadays, a circular saw has been considered as among the popular tools, which can be usually found in the shop or even in any homes. Circular saws are generally used for edging or cutting materials for decorative purposes. Likewise, it has been used to create beautiful angles and patterns as well as for side cutting, casing, exterior trimming or side mounting.  Each framework has been made with solid and quality materials that will remain durable overtime.

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Just like any types of tools, it is also important to know the ways on how to use a circular saw. In fact, knowledge about it would enhance its versatility and functionality as well. Circular saws can create numerous cuttings with different styles that pave way in producing better and quality outputs or production.

  • Primarily, the circular saw must be inspected properly by reading the manuals that have been provided. The details stated on the guidelines would offer basic knowledge on it various parts. Circular saws have been made with a functional handle, motor case and a trigger, which needs to be switched on and off by squeezing it from time to time.
  • A platform must be utilized before cutting any types of materials using a circular saw. Moreover, the materials must be prepared for cutting with the use of measuring device and a pencil or chalk to come up with a correct path.
  • It is crucial to make sure that the saw has been set up with a proper depth of the blade. This is one of the essential things to know before using a circular saw. The wrong position or depth of the blade in cutting can be very dangerous. More than that, it could bind or move that could lower down its efficiency. Indeed, with the correct setting of the depthless of blade will make bring comfort and convenience to the workers.
  • In order to know the right depth of the blade, you must disconnect or switch off the saw and positioned it near the materials you plan to cut. Pulling back the blade guards would be the next crucial step, which is usually done for safety purposes.
  • Untie the handle that regulates the depth of the blade to enhance proper movement of the base of the saw. The blade must be extended from ¼ inch until it reaches to almost ½ inch below the cut items.
  • The adjusted knob must be properly tightened to avoid unnecessary movement while it is on a cutting process.
  • A saw blade must fit exactly to work specifications and must be installed perfectly to a circular saw. In addition, the height of the blade must be adjusted before installing it in the saw.
  • It is always required to mount the saw-horse to support the surface of the material to be cut but the blades path must be cleared from the saw-horse. In any case, clamps are utilized to secure heavy or bulky items that could be hard to cut.
  • The trigger switch must be released and make sure that the blades of the saw has stopped working before placing it down.
  • Safely put your fingers to the right part of the blade to avoid accident.
  • Let the cutting action guide you through the whole process of using a circular saw.
  • Don’t change the blade when the saw is still working to avoid injury of any kind.
  • As the blade turns, the circular saw must be moved near the surface board so that the blade would completely line up within the cut line.
  • Lean down to make sure that blade is connected well with the line.
  • The saw must be pushed smoothly into the board’s adjacent part of the line until the scrap pieces of the wood that have already dropped off.
  • Make certain that the back border of the blade has completely freed the wood.
  • Certain protective devices such eye glasses must be used before using the circular saw. The circular saw must be placed one inch from material to be sawn or cut. In addition, it is required to firmly grip and push the trigger handle.

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