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How to Cook Ribs in a Gas Grill

If there is something in an outdoor cooking that you would not want to miss out, it is pork ribs and baby back ribs. Pork ribs are commonly cooked in grills during special gatherings or outdoor camping. This is quite common but not all knows the right way to cook the ribs to acquire the right flavor. Here are the guides you need to follow to come up with a successful outdoor cooking session.
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  • Prepare pork the night before. Set in a marinating solution so that flavor comes out. For a zesty flavor, add lemons. You may also soak pork in wine for a richer flavor.
  • Gather the supplies needed. Make sure that everything is complete before starting the work to save time. You need to know that grilling requires focus and any incomplete item might put the flavor of the food in jeopardy. Collect things that you will likely use including knives, tin pans, brush, oil, barbecue sauce and the marinated pork. Since you are to use a gas grill, might as well gather the basic necessities such as the propane tank and lava rocks before starting.
  • Once everything is complete, start on setting up the gas grill. Make sure that the space is even to avoid occurrence of accidents. Arrange lava rocks evenly on the bin then put cooking grill over the rocks. Check connection tubing from cracks too to avoid the occurrence of sudden fire.
  • Open the propane tank followed by the gas control knob. Turn it to a maximum to let the lava rocks absorb the heat. Then, minimize the temperature by adjusting to the gas control knob. Putting the temperature to a minimum avoids burnt pork ribs.
  • Using a brush, dab a small amount of oil on the cooking grill to avoid pork from sticking on the grill.
  • Put the marinated pork on the grill. Make sure that every part of the ribs is covered to ensure a well-balanced output.
  • Dab oil too. Make sure that oil is enough just to cover the ribs. Overly brushing oil can create flares that may result to burnt pork.
  • Wait until the ribs resemble a golden brown color. This is a sign that you have to flip it to the other side.
  • Once every side has achieved a golden brown color, you may consider wrapping it with tin foil. Wrapping it with foil avoids overly cooking the ribs. Tenderizing pork follows this same step too. As the foil confines heat inside, pork is pressurized thus tenderizing it.
  • After like half an hour you can remove the foil and continue cooking. This time the pork is already tender and is completely cooked.
  • Brush barbecue sauce on the ribs. Brushing too early may just drain the juices and sauce.
  • Let it absorb the flavor before taking it out of the grill. To ensure freshness, leave pork ribs on grill under low heat until it is ready to be served.
  • Put it on plate and garnish.
  • Turn gas control knob to a maximum to free lava rocks from drippings brought by oil and barbecue sauce to clean it up ready for the next grilling session.
  • Turn of propane tank and gas control knob after use.
  • Now that everything is completely done, you can munch on the freshly cooked pork ribs.

Cooking pork ribs in a gas grill is easy. It will only take you one and one half hour to finish cooking. Higher success rate can be achieved if you have already marinated the pork ribs. You can add more flavor as you go along cooking by brushing homemade sauce. The good thing about homemade sauce is that you can control the spiciness or the sweetness of the sauce.

Generally everyone can cook pork ribs. There are just things to consider maintaining high success rate. Make sure the marinade is excellent, gather all supplies needed and wrap up as clean as possible. After this you are sure to find the satisfaction of cooking. As long as you are spending the quickest way with the use of gas grills, you can never get wrong. In fact you may find that cooking your favorite family treat is an enjoyable practice to do.

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