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How to Choose the Right Miter Saw

Saws are powerful tools that become an integral component of home and construction spots. It comes in different forms, sizes and shapes, with various functional features. One of the commonly used saws has been known as Miter saws or chop saws. Miter operates well just like a traditional hand saws but it produces cleaner cut in a short period of time. Through the years, Miter saws have gained popularity in the market, which leads way for the production of more advanced types of Miter saws. Indeed, with different styles and options ton choose from, it is important to know how to choose the right Miter Saw that fits in your needs and specifications.

  • It is important to determine the types of Miter saws because it will help you know the correct style you will need for a particular project.  In most cases, a standard Miter saw will be a perfect fit in making simple and straight cuttings. Nowadays, some Miter saws have been made with pivoted arms that allow it to cut both the Miters as well as the bevels, which usually depend on the positions of the materials. However, a compound-Miter saw is required in cutting other than a specific pivoted cut. Typically, it tilts at an axis that makes it easier to cut in a bevelled level.
  • Knowing the size of the blade is crucial in choosing a Miter saw. Miter blade sizes are can be measured by diameter in inches. The standard sizes of blade range from 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches, which can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  A wide diameter of the blade will enable you to cut large panel boards or materials. This, if you plan to cut huge merchandise you must keep away from buying Miter saws with a small blade.
  • Advancement in technology has lead way for the production of Miter saws with more functional features. In fact, most manufacturers have produced Miter saws with electric brake technology that help stops the blade when switched on and off. Moreover, woodworkers have preferred such types of Miter saws because it brings comfort and convenience while working.  Likewise, other popular types of Miter saws have been made with self-retracting blade guards that makes it safer to work anytime. On top of that, other advanced features have laser guides that add accuracy and precision in cutting different angles.
  • Make sure that each parts of your Miter saws can be replaced in case of defects. This would help you save form buying another tool, which can be very expensive in the long run.
  • Find a warranty feature for your Miter saw to enhance tool’s quality as it ages with time.
  • It is better to make a research before making a final decision to buy a Miter saw. This will protect you from having a low quality saw that will only cost much money overtime.
  • Some people are brand conscious, if you are one of them you can visit popular websites and know more about them to get the most form your investment. Some of the famous brands include Festool, Makita and Bosch. Each of these manufacturers or producers has made high powered Miter saws that will provide high level of performance.
  • It is highly recommended to check the miter saws for any defects. Most stores offer free tool demonstrations to test the quality of the Miter saws. In this case, you will be able to avoid risk and issues that may cost you much in the future.
  • You can opt for a cordless model, which makes it very portable and very practical for both professional and home projects. With a cordless system, you can bring it anywhere and anytime you want without any difficulty. Power drain can be a problem but there are now new models that allow you to use a Miter saw for an extended period of time. However, it may be quite expensive but if you want to avoid delay, it is a better to bring extra batteries or have a unit that will be powered by a lithium-ion battery to keep it last a long time. There are 18V and 24 V models that have been enhanced with cutting stamina.

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