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How to Choose a Good Scroll Saw

Scroll saws are important tools that will make every task a lot easier and faster. Just like any types of saws however, there are certain factors to know in order to come up with a quality scroll saw. Scroll saws may look like a band saw but it has not been made with a continuous blade. Such feature allows one to make various cutting designs on different types of materials such as wood, plastic, copper and brass. In most cases, these types of are used to cut complicated and well detailed interior cuts, which can be used for a varying types of projects. Moreover, it is always important to know how to choose a good scroll saw to come up with a quality output or production.
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Primarily, it is important to use the right scroll saw blade because it can greatly affect the smoothness of the cut as well as the security of the person while working on it.

The first thing to consider when choosing blades is the type of material you will be cutting.

Some wooden materials can be cut with the aid of a standard blade but some such as Plexiglass may need high quality saw blades. You can use the charts as a guide to determine the speed and thickness of materials that will work well for each blade. The right types of the blade will enhance precision and accuracy while working.

Each blade has been made with functional features that can greatly affect the cut. In most cases, some scroll blades are hardened and tempered to ensure high quality performance. Moreover, commercial grade steel must be used during the tempering process because it usually affects the quality of the blade. In cutting hardwood or oily woods, it is important to use standard blade with a higher number is required to achieve high quality performance. A large blade kerf and cut width will help in removing dust and other fibres. On the other hand, a skip tooth blade with large spaces between the teeth is specifically designed for sticky white pine.

It is important to find the right thickness of the wood because it generally affects the blades to be used. Thick wooden materials may need less toothed blade to easily work directly through the materials. A thin wood however may require widely spaced toothed blade to avoid breakage or damages. Generally, at least 4 teeth blades are commonly used but for a very thick wood a 3 teeth blade will work well. If the saw has many teeth, the sawdust will not be cleared that may cause it to heat up and may burn within it. Likewise, it can create uncontrolled movement to the entire parts of the scroll saw.

In addition, fine blade may be required in cutting delicate and complicated patterns because it needs to be controlled from time to time. More than that, a blade with a few teeth enhances greater cutting speed to create long and wide curves on the exterior part of the materials. You can have a rougher but you can be assured that it can be cut easily.

As a beginner in handling these types of powerful tool, it is highly recommended to use a scroll saw, with more teeth and heavier gauge because it allows anyone to control it completely. In addition, a blade with a low number of TPI (Teeth Per Inch) will work immediately than other types of blades with higher TPI.

Make sure to know the number of blade because it is a determining factor in choosing for the right thickness. A high number of blades may not be break less easily compared with a low number of blades. In this case, it could be possible to put more pressure on a high number of blades that make it more practical to be used in cutting huge and bulky materials. On top of that, you should always remember that in a selecting scroll saw blade, you must choose the one that boosts quality cutting speed, blade’s edge , blades’ path as well as blade’s life.

Following these tips would certainly help you in finding the right types of scroll saws that best fit your need.

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