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Hoover UH70400 Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover UH70400 Upright Vacuum Features:
Hoover UH70400

  • The unit weighs only 12 lbs. which makes it the lightest Hoover that is full-size bagless upright that is available in the market
  • Its Windtunnel Technology is the one responsible for the vacuum to be able to remove the dirt that may be embedded which in turn aids in minimizing the dirt blowback that can sometimes be observed on carpets
  • It has a quick fit hose which has a one touch functionality for release which is being used for the attachment of the board tools which are included on the package to become easier
  • The unit uses a brush shut off which has the capability of turning off the vacuum when it is being put in an upright position
  • It has a filtering system known as multi-cyclonic which uses a filter which can be rinsed that is made of HEPA media which enables the trapping of  99.97% of dust, pollens and dirt which are small up to  a size of 0.3 microns

The Wind tunnel technology which Hoover is known for ensures to remove the dirt and have them kept inside the vacuum and with this technology, you are assured that the dirt that were gathered will never go back to the floor, and the reason behind this is there will never be any loss of suction.

Hoover UH70400 Upright Vacuum’s long power cord which is 30 feet ensures that you will not be spending your time plugging in and unplugging the cord in case that you will be moving to another part of your house for cleaning. It has a Quick Fit hose that allows easy attaching on either the stair hose or the extension wand which in turn will enable you to stretch your reach without the need for you to carry the vacuum with you.

Its filtration system which is known as multi-cyclonic uses a filter that can be rinsed while at the same time is made with HEPA media which is responsible for the trapping of dust, pollens and dirt that can even be as small as 0.3 microns. Its power controls are located on the handle which makes it more convenient for you since you won’t have to search for the switch to turn on or turn off the vacuum when you need to.

It has a reclined handle that is deep which is responsible for the vacuum to hug the floor in order for you reach and clean under the furniture. It has an automatic shut off feature which allows the stopping of the brush roll from spinning once you have placed the vacuum in an upright position. It has a carry handle which is located at the front side of the vacuum which makes it easier for you to transport the vacuum from one place to another.

The Hoover UH70400 Upright Vacuum uses the original wind tunnel technology of Hoover which makes it possible to remove the dirt which is embedded and at the same time helps in minimizing scatter or blowing back of the dirt on the carpet. The unit is lightweight but it offers the different features and capabilities which are needed in order to make sure that the floor will be clean; its size makes it ideal for small spaces.

The vacuum is especially designed with a telescopic handle which has a built-in wand which can be detached with just a press of a button. You just have to connect the stair hose in to the built-in hose of the vacuum and you will now have the ability of cleaning your stairs with the need for you to carry and lift the vacuum unit itself. Some of its other built-in features include the brush rolls and power controls which can be found on the handle itself, a nozzle that is clear which does not have scuff bumper and a carry handle that is located on the top of the dirt cup.

The Hoover UH70400 requires very minimal maintenance since it includes a filter that can be washed and cleaned with just the use of running water from the faucet.  Also included is the filter which is made using HEPA media which guarantees 99.97% of dirt to be filtered which can even be as small as 0.3 microns.

Hoover UH70400
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