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Hoover UH30010COM Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum Review

Hoover is one of the most trusted names in vacuum cleaning and its Platinum Lightweight Upright is yet another part of this famous line. The Hoover UH30010COM was made for versatile cleaning and the fact that it comes with a portable, canister vacuum displays this. The lightweight upright is less than 12 pounds, has a 12 amp motor that uses wind-tunnel technology, and has a power cord that is 35 feet long. The canister powerful, lightweight, has a stretch hose that is 5 feet long, has a power cord that is 25 feet in length, and can be used on a variety of surfaces. That was just the introduction to this power packed, Hoover cleaning duo.
Hoover UH30010COM Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum
Both the upright and the canister of the Hoover UH30010COM Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum come equipped with an easy to change, HEPA bag system. There are no worries about the puff of dust that occurs when changing the bag of a bagged vacuum. This system features self-sealing bags made of HEPA material, which traps 99.97% of dust and allergens inside of them. There is also an indicator that lets the user know when it is time to switch to a new bag. The cleaning technology of both of these vacuums excels at removing dirt from your floors, curtains, corners and couches. There is a brush for bare floors, a crevice tool, telescoping wand, and brush for dusting. These attachments allow for all sorts of cleaning, whether in the home or outside of it. Now, it does not do yard work, but the canister makes vacuuming a vehicle a breeze. The excuses for having a chaotic car interior a slim to none, with the portable partner in this Hoover pair.

The Hoover Platinum Upright has two cleaning speeds. The speed controls and the power switch are on the handle. This intuitive placement keeps the momentum going and shortens cleaning time. This upright vacuum also has bristled channels that help it clean more productively around corners, baseboards and furniture. Of course, the crevice tool on the canister helps to pick up any out of the way messes. The canister also features a handy dandy, shoulder strap, which allows for easier, above the floor cleaning.

This Hoover lightweight, upright and canister partner really show themselves most effective in a carpeted environment, which has stairs. The upright automatically senses differences in carpet heights and adjusts to provide the best cleaning for each area. This helps to insure a high level of clean. The Hoover UH30010COM appears to be about half the price of its nearest competing duo and yet outranks it in auto-height adjustment, lifetime belt, warranty and HEPA filtration. There is an LED headlight to make cleaning underneath furniture easier. The long cord on the upright and on the canister make cleaning easier. Not having to frequently stop and unplug either one helps to cut down on the time it takes to get the job done.

This Hoover UH30010COM duo has rated high in many of the online, customer reviews. Some of these reviews are from die hard Hoover users, who have made upgrades from their well used hoovers of decades past. Others are from those who are new to the Hoover family. Regardless of which type of user it tends to be, most of them are big fans of the Hoover Platinum Lightweight Upright and Canister. Those who are used to the power of Hoover, marvel at how that same power remains, but the weight of the vacuum has decreased significantly. The HEPA filtration quality has also improved over time and the price of this pair has gone down, since they were first introduced to the market.

Some reviewers felt the need to get a softer dust brush attachment, so their furniture is better protected but have otherwise enjoyed the vacuum. Most have found the upright to be very quiet, but a few others have found it to be louder than expected. There have been users who have felt that the shoulder strap on the canister needs padding and there have been a few users who felt that the canister was not up to the task. Those who have loved it have used it to dust ceiling fans, statues, window sills and the like. A few have found the upright Hoover UH30010COM not up to the task of really high carpets. Even with all of this, the majority of those who have bought this vacuum pair, have been more than satisfied. They have gone on to sing its praises all over the internet in the hopes of helping those who are in search of a vacuum. There is more than one satisfied customer who has said that this vacuum has kept them from having to purchase new carpets or rugs. When nothing else was bringing these carpets back to a presentable state, this Hoover upright returned them to looking like new. Users have said that while the bags are a little pricey, they do tend to work well and take a while to fill up. There have been other users who have said if a bit of bargain shopping is done, the bags can be purchased for less.

There are those who have enjoyed the cleaning power of the Hoover UH30010COM Platinum Lightweight Upright Vacuum over their previous brands of vacuum cleaners. All in all, most people feel that this is truly a cleaning deal. It is felt that not only are users getting two vacuums for less than price of one, in some cases, but that both vacuums deliver superior cleaning power. It would seem that this pair of vacuums is carrying on the cleaning legacy for which Hoover is known. Buyers will, of course, have to try this pair out for themselves. Fortunately, many online retailers will allow for returns if customers are not satisfied with this purchase. So study some statistics and read some reviews and then an informed decision can be made. If a neighbor or a friend has one, ask for a test drive. If it works well, then why not grab one?

Hoover UH30010COM
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