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Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum Review

When it comes to hygiene, cleaning is the best solution. However, when it comes to cleaning, Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum is one product that a consumer is looking up. This vacuum cleaner gives the comfort of cleaning to its highest level in terms of features and style. Customers enjoy and satisfy while using this product.

Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum Features
Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum

  • Self-propelled
  • WindTunnel technology
  • Intuitive power controls
  • Bag check indicator
  • Embedded DirtFinder sensor
  • 3-position carpet height adjustment
  • Custom cleaning control
  • 31 foot long power cord
  • No scuff bumper with headlight
  • Edge-cleaning bristles
  • Stretchable hose
  • Bag made with HEPA media
  • Crevice tool
  • D-grip handle
  • Fingertip on/off power control
  • Replaceable filter
  • Complete on board tool kit
  • Features non-marring wheel

Innovative Performance

A vacuum cleaner is first known as a carpet sweeper in the 1860s and it is also manual vacuum cleaners.  It was then developed by the industrial companies’ great minds and became motorized in the beginning of the 20th century. One of the pioneering companies back then is Hoover who is very well known for making and manufacturing household goods including vacuum cleaners. The company has designed various vacuum cleaners and they are the first to introduce the use of filter bags as well as the first upright vacuum cleaners. Hoover never stops from inventing and looking for a better way to make cleaning more enjoyable and satisfying. Many of their products are prominent and one of those that really stand up is the Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum. Combined with the technology today, the engineers and the inventors of Hoover come up with the innovative ideas to successfully put together all of the features in just one vacuum cleaner.

The Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum is designed to make cleaning more fun and more hygienic as well as the comfort ability for the consumer. With many features put together for this product like the WindTunnel technology and the HEPA bag, cleaning  made easier and much faster. The DirtFinder sensor and its being self-propelled is also a plus and the demand on the market is getting higher as it is affordable and economical. Great deals for its value make a lot of consumers look up to getting this wonderful and great product.

Advantages of Using Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum

  • Not a big deal of putting more effort as it is less complicated when moving forward nor backwards because of its self-propelled feature.
  • It prevents flings on the carpet and extract embedded dirt or dust with the WindTunnel technology.
  • Never worry about spontaneous movement as the intuitive power controls is placed right at your fingertip for convenience.
  • With the bag check indicator, finest performance is applied as it will alert you once when to change the bag when its full.
  • Traps almost 100% of dust and particles with its HEPA media bags.
  • When the surface is clean and with no dirt is present, the embedded DirtFinder sensor turns the indicator light to green so one can move on to the next cleaning area.
  • Systematic and quick-cleaning for all types of floor with its 3-position carpet height adjustment.
  • It has the luxury of custom cleaning control for moving from carpets to bare floor.
  • Large rooms can be cleaned simultaneously without power interruption because of its 31 foot long power cord.
  • Dark places don’t matter for its headlight and with the no-scuff bumper.
  • Furnitures are very well protected.
  • Effortless of pushing and pulling for it has a non-marring wheel.
  • Works fantastic with the kit on-board tools and easy to control with the D-grip handle.

Disadvantages of Using Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum

  • A few customers seem to have noticed flaws in the product and complains that the Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuum do not meet their expectations.
  • The power cord is not retractable.
  • Some also say that the motor easily burns out and stops.

Nonetheless, the majority of people using the Hoover U6485900 Upright Vacuums very satisfied with its performance and the flaws are never an issue for them. They are grateful as Hoover always comes up with an innovative and excellent products like this.

Hoover U6485900
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