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Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Review

Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum is an electric powered vacuum that magnificent works best for your household cleaning. Its innovative features and specification is designed to give superior suction cleaning on any surface. It can lock the dust, pollen or any debris on its filter baggage. The equipment is remarkably quiet and does not sound like a roaring machine. Needless to say, this vacuum cleaner is one of the best options for cleaning carpets and all different types of floors.

Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum Features
Hoover S3670

  • It has fingertip controls for easy navigation; on/off switch for brushroll, HEPA media bag, and variable speed control.
  • Supports wind tunnel technology that decreases blowback and disperse debris on the carpet.
  • Its bagged technology guarantees ultimate hold of the dust and debris from the suction.
  • It has a 25 ft retractable cord for higher reach and for expedient storage.
  • Edge cleaner of this machine is specially designed for effective suction along the baseboards.
  • It has a HEPA filter that captures any type of debris, dust and pollen from the air.
  • Has a carpet height adjustment that allows to be customized depending on the floor types.
  • It has better headlights for better sight and illumination.
  • This has a built-in storage that helps a person save closet space.
  • Comes with an upholstery tool, floor brush, power brush, dusting brush and a fissure tool.
  • Weighs 24 pounds.
  • 120 voltages.
  • Quick-release telescopic wand and ergonomic D-grip handle support.
  • 3 years limited warranty.

Advantages of Using Hoover S3670 WindTunnel Canister Vacuum

  • The filter bag is very easy to empty and change.
  • The machine is easy to navigate and control.
  • Its suction power is excellent that it cleans every dust.
  • It is not just a regular vacuum cleaner but also can be used as a duster since it wouldn’t re-spread the dust.
  • The controls are very reachable and easy to navigate.
  • The whole unit equipment is controlled from the handle for ease of use.
  • There is a pedal cord rewind so that one wouldn’t have to bend over just to wrap the cord.
  • The unit doesn’t produce an annoying suctioning sound.
  • Had power hand tools that can be used in upholstery, curtains, stairs, ceiling or any other hard to reach areas of the house.
  • The HEPA media bag traps dusts and pollens that it gets on the floor.
  • Its speed control had indicator LED lights so that one can control the suctioning power.
  • There are three separate air channels of this unit that can trap the dirt keeping it from smattering in the floor.
  • It is light weighted equipment so that one can work around easily and doesn’t have to be stressed out having big bulky vacuum cleaners.
  • It is not too big for a machine, so it gives a person much more space since it doesn’t consume much of it.
  • Enjoy the 360 degree swivelling capability of the unit. Giving one the flexibility to simply move around without the hassle.
  • Handle is easy to adjust.
  • It has electrified Hose with a 14 inch power nozzle that allows a person to move around from carpets to hard floor without having a hard time.
  • Having this machine saves a lot of time, instead of spending too much time on cleaning and it cuts down the usual cleaning time.

Disadvantages of Using Hoover WindTunnel S3670 Canister Vacuum

  • The unit doesn’t last long as what some people expect on this vacuum.
  • Too expensive and yet doesn’t give supreme performance.
  • Anyone will have to spend extra money on the repair cost when the device breaks or malfunctions.
  • It is difficult to use on stairs.
  • The unit is not that reliable when it comes to long time usage.
  • Experiences power-connection problems.
  • Limited warranty only.

There are a lot of brands, types and models of vacuum cleaner. There are special features for each of the units. But one has to carefully choose what would best suit her needs. A person too, might consider the price if it is worth the quality.

Hoover S3670
$280.96 from Amazon

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