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Hoover F7452900PC MaxExtract All-Terrain Carpet Cleaner Review

The Hoover F7452900PC is an all-terrain carpet washer designed to be used on carpets and hard floors. It not only cleans but it also freshens and sanitizes the flooring that it is used on. The Hoover vacuum combines several of Hoover’s innovative designs and combines them into one carpet washer which gives it multiple features that other carpet washers may not have.
Hoover F7452900PC
Hoover F7452900PC Features

  • All terrain vacuum can be used on carpet and hard surfaces
  • 12 amp motor
  • 120 volts
  • Dual-V technology which allows for equal suction across the width of the nozzle
  • SpinScrub brushes
  • Heated cleaning
  • Automatic detergent mixing
  • Auto rinse
  • Squeegee, SpinScrub brushes, soft wheels for hard floors
  • Measures 19 inches by 13 ¼ inches by 44 inches
  • 1 year warranty


The Hoover F7452900PC washes, scrubs, rinses, and dries the carpets and floors that it is used on. It has a set of SpinScrub brushes that can be used on the carpet and on the hard floors that are both powered by the DualV Nozzle technology which delivers the detergent to the flooring. The vacuum also auto rinses and uses a heated drying features to extract the water which means that there is not a long wait for the carpet and floors to dry. The Hoover carpet washer not only cleans fast but it also dries fast and the heated drying feature cuts back on the dry time and also give the flooring a fresh and clean scent. The SpinScrub feature on the vacuum can also be used on upholstery and has powered hand tools that can be used on stairs, furniture and vertical surfaces. The Hoover vacuum is built without belts so that mean that users do not have to worry about replacing broken belts. The vacuum also comes with the hard floor package which has squeegees, SpinScrub brushes, and large soft wheels that make it perfect for cleaning hard floors.


The SpinScrub brushes work from all sides of the vacuum to loosen dirt without harming the carpet or the hard flooring. It is important to have a gentle scrubber but if it is too hard than users can risk fraying their carpets or scratching their hard flooring. The Hoover has an on/off switch for the SpinScrub power switch and controls the 12 amp motor that provides the vacuum with its maximum suction and power.

The auto rinse feature rinses the carpet and the hard floors and leaves less detergent residue behind than traditional carpet washers do. The DualV Nozzle technology also gives the vacuum equal suction across the full width of the nozzle which means that there are less passes over the carpet to insure that all of the detergent has been suctioned up. It also comes with an eight foot hose and a removable tool caddy that makes cleaning stairs and other hard to reach places that could not normally be reached with a traditional carpet washer. It also comes with an all-terrain cleaning feature that can clean different surfaces throughout their homes and can be used on upholstery and even shower doors. The Hoover F7452900PC comes with two tanks that allow for consumers to keep the clean water separate from the dirty water and they can also watch the dirty water tank fill up as they clean their floors.

Water Tanks

The Hoover has two water tanks which make it easy to keep track of how much water has been used and how much dirty water has been picked up. Each tank holds a gallon of water and they are easily loaded and removed and many users have found that while they are taking them out that there is no dripping or puddles on the floors after changing out the tanks. The tanks are easy to rinse out and clean and the dirty tank can easily be cleaned and replaced after use. Some consumers have found that the water tanks began to leak after the initial use around the seal. This seems to be a common problem for the Hoover carpet washer and many have found that it can be difficult to find replacement parts. One thing that some consumers to not like about the Hoover carpet cleaner is that the cleaning solution dispenser is integrated with the clean water tank. They find this an issue because getting rid of or pouring out the extra solution can be messy, and that having to switch the solution between using it on carpet and hard flooring can be messy and time consuming.


Many users have found that the hose for the attachments is slightly flimsy but otherwise the attachments work great and are attached in the front which makes them easier to access. They have also noted that it does not crack along the base where the attachments are like older Hoover models did.


  • Easy to use
  • Great suction
  • Two water tanks one for clean one for dirty
  • Suction helps the carpet to dry faster
  • Cleaning solution can last through multiple rooms
  • Brushes pop out and are easy to access and use
  • Cleans upholstery
  • Can be used on carpet and hard flooring
  • Scrub brushes are good for carpets and hard floors but they will not scratch
  • Tanks are easy to change and clean
  • Tanks do not leave puddles when not in use


  • Tanks may begin to leak around the seals
  • Hard to find replacement parts
  • Hose is flimsy
  • The vacuum is heavy
  • Have to switch out the solution from carpets to hard floorings
  • Very loud
  • Can leave puddles if you do not go over every inch of the floor
  • Hard to get close to the walls but comes with attachments that are good for that
  • Cheap plastic material for construction which is easy to crack or break

Overall the Hoover F7452900PC all-terrain carpet washer is a good carpet cleaner for the price. It comes with several attachments that can be used for different needs like cleaning the upholstery or cleaning the shower door. It can be used on the carpet or on hard floors.

Hoover F7452900PC
$219.00 from Amazon

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