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Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier Review

In this innovative world, lots of inventions have emerged to improve our way of living. Some to make our work be done the quickest, some to make our environment a healthy place to live to name a few. As the years add up, people become health conscious. It is not surprising though as more discovery leads to a more polluted world. The Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier helps purify the air around that you breathe. It is compact and stylish so it fits just about everywhere.
Honeywell HHT-011
Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier Features

  • Can purify up to 85 square feet in size
  • With permanent filter
  • Optional ionizer
  • Nightlight option
  • Compact purifier


Anyone would desire for a compact and stylish air purifier. It is handy so you can transfer it anywhere you like at any time. This purifier requires low maintenance so it is cost effective and energy efficient. It comes with a nightlight option that provides soft illumination. Due to its compactness, this purifier is quiet and can be placed even at your bedside table. You will hardly hear its operational noise.

Permanent filter

This tabletop air purifier can be used preferably in rooms of 85 square feet wide. This has a permanent HEPA-type filter which engulfs up to 99 percent of mold spores, smoke, dust, pet dander, and pollen making your room well purified. This Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier also comes with optional ionizer for extra cleaning ability. Moreover, the pre-filter is washable so you can wash it when it acquires too much dust. The filtering system of this air purifier three stages. First, it cleans up the air by catching airborne particles through the washable pre-filter. Next, it will be filtered with the HEPA-type filtering option to catch up to 95 percent of unseen particles like dust, mold, pollen, pet dander and the like. After filtering, the air enters the ionizer for cleaner and fresher air.

Advantages of using Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier

  • Compact. People prefer things to come handy. This is why there have been inventions to respond to this demand. Just like this Honeywell Purifier, it comes in handy so you can carry it from your bedroom to your living room or to anywhere else in the house when you want to.
  • Wider room purification. This can purify up to 85 square feet room size. Its permanent HEPA-type filter assures 99 percent air purification. We don’t see most of the undesirable particles so the filters help in making sure we breathe in fresh and clean air.
  • With optional ionizer. The Ionizer provides extra air cleaning after filtering for best results.
  • Light indicator. This has an automatic light which turns on when there is need to clean up the filter. The nightlight too can serve as a lamp in your bedroom.
  • Low noise. This air purifier is compact so expect it to be noise friendly. You’ll surely get this model at a good price
  • Anti-allergen system. If you are usually allergic to particles such as dust, molds, etc. then this purifier will suit your need. As compact as this one can push enough purified air.

Disadvantages of using Honeywell HHT-011 Compact Air Purifier

  • Operational noise. This is handy and a good purifier but there are some disadvantages too. Firstly is the operational noise. You have to put it in a low mode so you’d barely hear it, however if you put it on a high mode, it will disturb you in your sleep if you decide to place it right in your bedroom table.
  • Unstable motor. This purifier tends to rattle a bit so you have to make sure that it is in a stable place so it wouldn’t cause any shaking on the surface it is placed at.

The drawbacks are not really much of significance to the smooth operation of the purifier. You just have to develop some techniques to overcome them. Besides nothing is definitely one sided, the pros and cons go together in most cases. Nevertheless, this purifier makes a good air filter. Most of these good catch come in low prices.

Honeywell HHT-011
$48.55 from Amazon

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