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Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier Review

In today’s world where disease causing microorganisms begin to dominate air, air purifiers are the best revenge. These air filters make sure that the air breathe is clean enough and is free from minute particles that may come to carry deadly diseases. Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier is one of the many purifiers available in the market promising higher success rate. The best way for a user to find out its effectiveness is to arm self with the facts backing up this new yet useful device.
Honeywell HFD-010
Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier Features

  • 99% efficiency in capturing small dust particles and smoke
  • Light in weight at 8.6 pounds
  • Designed to clean small rooms
  • Quite operations
  • 2 speeds available to deliver extreme performance
  • Space saving tower design
  • Comes with washable filter

Sturdy and Highly Efficient Device

Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier is a modern device embodies the design that is worth buying. It may look slim with its tower design but it does come in sturdy which makes the difference. It appears to be slim but it can withstand tough pressures of minute particles. Also, because of its size, it can be stored easily in small spaces at home. A modern home with limited spaces can really benefit with this type of device.

In terms of efficiency, Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier has indeed made a name. It works to clean out the air before it comes inhaled by members of the household effectively. In fact, it has 99% total efficiency rate which puts it atop its competitors in the market. This number is already a big help in maintaining safe air for the family members to enjoy.

The device comes with a washable filter. This means that you do not have to buy filters from time to time to maintain the efficiency of the use of the device. In fact, the user can just have the filters cleaned and the air purifier can then again function like new.

Though it comes with high efficiency in terms of its use, it does work in a quiet manner. This is another edge linked with Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier. As it does clean out the most harmful disease carrying minute particles, it does work in a manner that will not actually bother the household members. It can even be left working at night because it will not cause interference.

Advantages of using Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier

  • Highly effective performance that can trap airborne allergens, pollens and dusts at 99% accuracy rate.
  • It has washable air filters which means that you do not have to buy from time to time.
  • Operations are done in a quiet manner that it would not make annoying sounds.
  • It can be easily transferred from one room to another since it comes in lightweight at only 8.6 pounds.
  • Storage comes easy as it can just fit on a small space at home considering its tower like design that is slim enough to fit tight spaces.
  • There are 2 speeds available so you could take control over the speed that would benefit you more.
  • It has the ability to filter smoke to free your room from annoying odor.
  • It will leave your place fresh with safer air.
  • It takes a lot of work to maintain your health as it traps even the minute particles.
  • Durable enough to withstand years of use.
  • Comes with a permanent filter.
  • Easy to maintain as it comes with just a small size.
  • Comes with a warranty to serve you even after the product is purchased.
  • Reasonable and affordable price that you will not regret.
  • It is a good air purifier to invest on should there be members of the household having asthma or hypersensitivity to dust.
  • Frees you from the harmful effects of cigarette smoke as it filters smoke making it clean enough to be inhaled.
  • Attractive design lets it fit with your modern home well.
  • Compact size does a lot while actually not consuming a lot of energy.
  • Comes with a dial that one can just easily turn to change settings.
  • It has easy operations that even the most amateur user can comprehend.
  • Comes with an easy start up button.

Disadvantages of using Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier

  • It is small that it cannot actually help in huge rooms. The filters get full already in few sessions especially if it is not maintained well.
  • Maintaining the efficacy of the device will ask you to clean filters most of the time. As small as it may appear, this purifier has limited use.
  • If you would want to make use of it, be sure to get to clean the device every after use because clogging is a possibility.
  • Washable filters may lose its power to trap minute particles once washed several times.
  • Disassembling the device can be a little difficult because of the built in filter system.
  • In higher settings, it may produce noise that may not delight the user.
  • Tipping over the device is a possibility since it comes in smaller than any purifier.

Living in a modern home with limited space comes to be the trend nowadays. Honeywell HFD-010 Air Purifier is probably one of the devices that you can arm your modern home with as it will not actually eat up most of your space. Though there may be some downsides of the use of this product, there are just minor. Besides, if your dwelling place takes up just a small space, this can already be of great help. In fact, the size of the product that you may consider a weakness is actually one of its strengths as it leads you to knowing that maintenance is just easy. There are a lot of things in store for you when using this device. The best way to find out if it is true is by purchasing your own Honeywell HFD-010 QuietClean Compact Tower Air Purifier too.

Honeywell HFD-010
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