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Honeywell 18155 HEPA Air Purifier Review

Are you in need of or searching for an air purification system? If you are then this review may be of some use to you as we endeavor to take a look at the Honeywell 18155. This HEPA Airpurifier is one of Honeywell’s newer models whose main advance has come in the area of noise control. HEPA filters are designed to remove very small particles from the air down to the micron level. It is said to remove 100 percent of bacteria and germs along with dust, smoke, and of course mold spores.

Removing particles as small as .3 microns is extremely good for machines in this price range and so for that aspect we would give it very high marks. It also contains a carbon-based pre-filter, which helps to remove odors very effectively, once again high marks. One of the selling points of the Honeywell 18155 HEPA Air Purifier is its reportedly more quietly operating motor. This was accomplished it would seem by packing Styrofoam around the motor, so if you encounter this packing material do not remove it or you will find your systems is quite a bit noisier than you would like it to be.
Honeywell 18155 HEPA Air Purifier
As we take a look at the Honeywell 18155 from a buyers aspect here is a summary of what we have found. We will attempt to blend in some of the highlights of this unit with some if its detraction’s. This unit does not require filter replacement even though you may need to clean the filters 3 to 4 times a year, this can be done with a vacuum cleaner or water and a little elbow grease. It is recommended that you use a vacuum so that you do not have to worry about the filters still being damp when you put them back in. There are a few reviews out there that mention a wet dog type odor emanating from their machine and this might well be the culprit.

Let us take a look at one of the stronger selling points of the Honeywell 18155 and that is its operating noise level. As there are hundreds of customer reviews out there, the general consensus is that it performs quite well in this arena. On the two lower level the purifier ran pretty noiseless by most accounts, and the only real noticeable noise was on the highest setting so over all this model seems to live up to its billing as being very quiet. Remember however that this is not a static Ionizer that does not have a motor to move the air through it, it does but the best comparison we could relate it to was an old running refrigerator.

I guess the biggest problem and or complaint that we came across in perusing the reviews and statistics is there seems to be many complaints about the instruction booklet. It would appear that many folks have been frustrated with this booklet from the unpacking stage all the way through replacing filters and so on, they complain that what you’re reading in the booklet doesn’t match up with the machine at all and most reviewers believe this needs to be addressed by Honeywell. When installing the pre-filter you do not in fact need to take the top off as the booklet tells you to do, in addition it would help if they put a sticker on that Styrofoam to ensure that the owner does not remove it thinking its packing material.

In addition to this instruction booklet problem we have come across several complaints about a wet dog smell as some would call it. It would seem that after a couple of weeks of use especially on high speed the machine would start putting out a wet dog smell. Some people had other smells but I think you get the picture. In almost all of these cases, they did not find this smell to be offense but there none the less. Even after cleaning the filters and inspecting the machine, they were unable to find the source of this odor. No smell could be found when all of the filters were removed from the machine and a smell inspection was done. It started to emanate this odor again as soon as the machine was turned back on. It still maybe possible that the addition of the Styrofoam may once again be the problem. Overall, however the majority of people were quite pleased at the Honeywell 18155 HEPA Air Purifier and how it did at removing odors.

Remembering that this unit is designed to take care of a room that is no larger than 15 foot by 15 foot it would seem that this machine does a pretty good job overall. Kitchens, bedrooms and smaller living rooms seem to get the most benefits from its use.

One of the more interesting things that we came across while doing the research for this review is that there appears to be quite a few of these out there for sale in the used category. If I were an educated consumer, this would cause me great pause. I would have to wonder why a fairly new product with all of the attributes of this one would have so many for sale in the used column. When all of these reviews are taken into consideration, I would definitely have to take my time and do all of the research before I did a purchase. Take the time to read all of the reviews that you can find and see if there are patterns to the complaints as well as the positive ones. In this particular instance, it would appear that the Honeywell 18155 has an equal number of both. Before I decide to pay the full new asking price I just might take a look at some of the used ones out there or maybe another model number, perhaps a different manufacturer altogether. I would lean more towards one that did not have as many bad reviews as positive ones for sure.

Honeywell 18155
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