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Holmes HAP756-U Allergen Remover Review

Many people are concerned with having clean air in their surroundings. In the quest for an escape from unpleasant odors and allergens, people have turned to having air purifiers in their homes. The Holmes HAP756-U Allergen Remover is made to make rather large rooms fresh and allergy free.

How is this possible?  Well, this powerful little unit is packed with a HEPA filter, which captures 99.7% of dust and airborne allergens. This leaves up to 418 square feet of space, full of clean, breatheable air. It also uses the power of baking soda in combination with the carbon filtration, in order to neutralize unwanted odors in the air. This unit features a digital display so that you can easily choose which of the four speeds to run. There is a timer, which enables you to have 16 hours of uninterrupted, air purification. There is are monitors, which let you know when your filters should be changed, if you want to continue experiencing the top performance from this little allergen remover.
Holmes HAP756-U Allergen Remover
One of the drawbacks to the Holmes HAP756-U is the need to clean and replace filters. Owners of this unit have to spend anywhere from $60-$75 each year to replace the HEPA and carbon filters. This can definiely add up, over the years. It would seem that most of the people, who have purchased this unit, have not regretted their choice. Most everyone who has this Holmes air purifier in their homes, feels that the filter costs are a small price to pay for the level of performance this unit has given. There are some consumers who are in the process of switching out the air purifiers in other rooms, for one of these little, allergen trapping beauties.

Holmes sometimes sends filter savings to its customers, in order to ease the cost of filter replacement. Some users have said that the highest setting on this air purifier can sometimes be a bit too noisy, and only opt to use the lower settings. Almost everyone who has enjoyed using this unit has noticed a pleasant difference in the quality of the air in their homes, immediately. It would seem, that as long as the filters are clean, this air purifier keeps up its allergen ridding, performance level. The filters also seem to be easily located online and in stores, so there is no need for the hunt for the much needed filters for this air purifier.

Another plus with this large room, air purifier is that it has the capability to purify the air in many studio apartments. Since the target range of the Holmes HAP756-U is approximately 418 square feet, that falls into the range of square footage of many studio apartments. How wonderful it has been for many consumers who have small living spaces. This has given them the top notch performance of this Holmes allergen remover, with less yearly expense for filter replacement. Those who enjoy the air quality that is generated from the use of this unit, feel that it is better than that of other units that they have, used in the past. This even applies to some of the ionic units, which only require a filter wipe down, periodically.

This unit can be set up vertically or horizontally along a wall. It measures 21”x10“x22”, so it is not likely to get in the way in most rooms, for which it is suited. Within the span of an hour, this Holmes air purifier replaces a room’s air 5 times. That is some seriously purified air. No wonder people, who have been suffering from the effects of airborne allergies, notice the difference in the air quality of a room within the first hour of using this allergen remover. Many customers, who give this unit a high rating, have found this to be the best air filtration system of its kind. There have been rave reviews about the amount of dust that no longer builds up in the area being treated, by the Holmes HAP756-U. It truly seems to trap the dust, pollen, pet dander and other airborne allergens, with its true HEPA filter.

The automatic timer makes being out of the space for a while, much more practical. You do not have to either turn the unit off or leave it on constantly, if you are going out of town or some such. You can maintain a level of purfied air, but not have it running the way you might when you are there. Customers have noted that this unit has kept the cooking odors from wafting into the room, with the Holmes air purifier running.  When people have placed this unit in rooms, which fit the parameters of the units filtration ability, they have largely had positive results. Many people with allergies have raved over the air purifying quality of this unit. People who were coughing, sneezing or scratching the backs of their throats have noticed a halt to these responses within one day of using this unit.

Is the Holmes HAP756-U Allergen Remover worth the upfront and overall costs to run the unit?  Most people who buy it seem to think so. The only way to truly know is, of course, to try it out. Make sure to understand the return policy of the retailer from whom this unit is purchased, in case it turns out not work for the intended situation. It does seem that if the main goal is to have fresher air and less unpleasant odors, then a unit that does not require filter replacement might be better overall.

This unit has been shown to have true HEPA filtration, and that can add up overtime. It does seem to truly remove airborne allergens, and if helping allergy suffers is the main goal, then going with this unit seems wise. If you just want to have cleaner, fresher smelling air, without using scented aerosols and air fresheners, then an ionic air purifier would likely be better for your needs and wallet. Those type do seem to purify the air, but may or may not work as well as a HEPA filter system. Overall, if allergies are the concern, the Holmes HAP756-U Allergen Remover may be the right unit for the task.

Holmes HAP756-U
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