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Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill Review

Whether you are fixing something in your home or doing a build project from the ground up, it is vital that you have the right tools. This could mean the difference between a quality finish and everything falling apart quickly. With all of the options out there, however, it might be difficult to do this. You may end up buying something that seems high quality but fails to do the job it was expected to do. With how important some of these jobs can be, you cannot take that risk. The drill is one area where you cannot choose just anything, not if you want to be sure that everything is finished properly. When choosing this product, you need to look out for quite a few things. Performance, durability, and usability are all factors you need to keep in mind. If what you choose is not capable of finishing the job you need it to, it will not be worth the time and spent getting it. Luckily, you have some fantastic options available to you that make this choice easier.
Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill
The Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill is one option that provides quite a bit for the price. While it may not offer all of the features you want, it is an incredible tool. It can outperform much of the competition, especially those that are similarly priced, and it a wonderful tool to use. It is comfortable, attractive, and, best of all, powerful. You can count on it even with the bigger jobs, easing the stress that they may cause. When trying to put together something important, you need this type of reliability and ability. This raises your chances of it ending favorably. Whether this is for work or personal use, you want it to be quality. People depend on this work and having anything less than the best is not a possibility. With this drill, you do not have to worry about problems. As long as you are okay with it not having a few helpful features, this is a fantastic drill to have.

Performance is always where a drill matters most. Hitachi DS18DSAL Cordless Drill is truly impressive and offers exceptional features for performance. You have a choice in speed and it has outstanding torque, 460 pounds of torque to be exact, so every job is easier. You can do more with this, a lot more than the alternatives could. When working on basic jobs, everything is handled much quicker and with more ease. You can do everything with fewer worries and the job will be finished in a short amount of time. When doing the bigger jobs, this can handle everything, as well. Its capabilities are phenomenal, which is why it outperforms many of the other options out there. When doing something important, you can depend on this to handle everything with ease.

To ensure you are making use of this performance for longer, it needs to be reliable. The Lithium Ion battery and high quality of the equipment make reliability something you know you have. Through use and time, you can continually count on this to do the job you need it to do. Whether you are using it for heavy jobs at work or small repairs at home, or even the regular do it yourself job, you know this will last. It is a dependable drill that offers exceptional quality all around. You do not have to worry about it breaking or causing issues while using it, at least not for a long time.

Reliability also counts during a day’s use. This battery can hold a charge well and keep going for a while. When doing a longer job, this means there is going to be less time spent charging and waiting, and more finishing the job at hand. You have fewer issues with the battery dying when using this because it does last for quite a long time, something you do not have with many other options.

While you may not see it as a top priority, you have to consider design when buying a drill. Not only does the Hitachi DS18DSAL have an attractive look to it, but it also has comfort that makes it easier to use. Its lightweight design and comfortable grip improve its usability, adding more to every job you do. When doing something that is going to take long hours and a lot of effort, you need that added comfort. This gives you the ability to work more than you could otherwise while avoiding cramps, pains, and overall discomfort. That attractive build is there to benefit you when working, not just to please the eyes. It is capable of making the job easier and better, giving you more on top of the improved performance.

This drill comes with more, of course. You have a case, flashlight, and belt that add to what you can do. The attractive case carries the drill around safely, the flashlight makes jobs easier, and the belt adds to usability since you can easily store your drill when it is not in use. These items make working easier and better, but they are not always necessary.

Some people might have an issue with paying to have items if they are not needed, of course. If you are not in need of anything that comes with this drill, it could be a waste of money to you. There is also the issue with the drill bit holder. That issue is that it does not have one. This is something many people expect so that work is easier, so this may make it less attractive.

While these problems do bring the Hitachi DS18DSAL down, it is hard to overlook the exceptional quality of the drill itself. All around, this tool is capable and reliable. You have something that can do the job well and continue to do it for a long time. Its long battery life and how dependable this is over time add to its value. When you are trying to look for a drill, you need something that offers this level of performance. Its comfort and light weight also improve its usability, making work easier and better for you.

Hitachi DS18DSAL
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