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Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer Review

The Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer is a nice kitchen device that is created among kitchen enthusiast to help them ease their work. It is a tremendously known in the market today that Hamilton Beach products produce the finest and standardized quality which every customer will satisfy. Aside from that, the new model they have arrived is designed to help you take control of the situation in the kitchen no matter how busy you are. Of course, with its superb and elegant design you will be amazed of what the device may give you. Given the fact that it belongs to the most powerful technological advancement of mixers, with this you’re kitchen task will definitely be exciting.
Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer
Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer Features

  • It has 400 watts of power used in which it guarantees a coherent mixing to all your ingredients.
  • It has fastidious manipulation of speed settings that consists of 12 control speed panels.
  • It gives you with at least 3 year warranty of the product.
  • It has 2 options of rotational mixing functions.
  • Different mixing accessories available such as the dough hook whisk and flat beater.
  • With has fixed protection shield to prevent from spilling and splashing.

The Appearance

The Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer appears to have sturdy outlook. As you can see, the overall design is truly magnificently made of the strongest steel and has a wide base foundation for better support. Additionally, its mixing bowl has the finest quality for it is made purely by stainless steel material. The attachments available upon purchase are so simple to use. You can even explore its function ability as soon as you have it at hand. Aside from that, its lock buttons are well manageable for it can give great support by the time the mixing starts. Of course, you can select from the elegant colors that will fit your taste as well as to your kitchen décor.

The Parts and its Function

Generally, the Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer has an easy head angle that can effortlessly incline to certain angle which is important upon ingredients preparation and removal of the bowl as well. Furthermore, it has 12 speed settings in which you can use to manipulate what desired speed you want upon mixing. In fact, it has a fixed sensor wherein it can be used for some sort of adjustment in order to produce consistency of speed. The accessories on the other hand are created to work interdependent. In other words, it has different functions which give better results. These attachments are:

  1. Slim batters- it beats off accordingly making it excellent to mix all the ingredients in the bowl instantly. Additionally, the device has great power for rotational action in which it provides entire coverage of combining all the ingredients.
  2. Whisk- it is used to beat the eggs as well as the egg whites evenly.
  3. Dough hook-which anchors and mold the ingredients well.
  4. Protective shield- it is designed to avoid splashing and spillage of mixed ingredients.

The stables and accessible parts used are well rounded for it provides quality results of all the mixing ingredients you out. Apart from this, great results will be your best assets as soon as you used this first ever stand mixer on the market.

Proper cleaning of Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer

The cleaning thing is quite easy for it provides hassle-free cleaning. What it means is that you can wipe off all the mess in your device. Since it is made of metal, there will be no room for trapping the dirt from the inside for it easily slips off. When you talk about the bowl cleaning, you can simply clean it through hand wash or using the dishwashing. Just imagine how great beneficial factors it gives you. You’re investments in the product that will truly give good result at the same time less maintenance.

Pros and cons of Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer

According to the reviews with regards to the products, customer’s views and opinions are divided according to which they used the product. Some found out to be great and helpful while another creates negative comments. Just as any other product in the market today, the Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer has also its own pros and cons. In this review you will read what these are.


  • The Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer gives quite sound upon mixing which is truly great.
  • It has a beautiful as well as glossy appearance.
  • Cleaning is so easy and hassle-free.
  • The manufacturer gives longer warranty duration.


  • The Hamilton Beach does not provide replacement bowls. Therefore, it is another expense of yours when you are not satisfied with it.
  • The mixer does not contain secure lock, so it gives you more effort to hold them when the mixing starts.

Although despite all the negative comments that users usually provided, it does not hinder it for another to love this product. In fact, the majority claims that it provides good result and easy function ability at the same time creates amazing benefits. Additionally, the satisfaction rate is quite amazing. That is why if you are interested to read more reviews concerning the use of Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer, do not hesitate to visit the Amazon.com or any other review sites on the internet. Rest assured that you will give enough knowledge regarding the products. Finally, for you to purchase one, you can transact business at amazon.com since they offer exciting discounts for their customers. Aside from that, they will provide you reading manuals as well as video guides in order to comprehend more upon using the Hamilton Beach 63220 All-Metal 12-Speed Stand Mixer. Bear in mind that investing with this newly and enigmatic mixer design can be of great benefits to you.

Hamilton Beach 63220
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