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Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw Review

The Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw is a 14″ bandsaw which has been equipped with features that are not usually standard on most saws of this type. As a company which prides itself on its selection of bandsaws, this Grizzly offering was designed to live up to that standard.
Grizzly G0555
Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw Features

  • Hefty, high-quality stand
  • Ball bearing construction on upper and lower blade guides
  • Miter and fence gauge
  • 3/8″ blade
  • Blade tension lever has fast-release
  • Fence scale equipped with magnifying window
  • 1 HP motor, 110V/220V, single-phase
  • 11 Amps at 110V, 5.5 Amps at 220V
  • Cast iron table is precision-ground
  • 14″ x 14″ table
  • Table tilts 45 degrees right, 15 degrees left
  • 43-5/16″ Floor to table height
  • Extruded aluminum fence
  • 13-1/2″ Throat/cutting capacity
  • Maximum cutting height of 6″
  • Blade 1/8″ to 3/4″ in width; 92-1/2″ to 93-1/2″ length
  • Blade speeds of 1500 FPM and 3200 FPM
  • Dust port is 4″
  • Cast aluminum blade wheels with rubber tires
  • 6″ riser block kit (optional)
  • Wheeled base (optional)
  • Overall dimensions: 26-3/8″ W x 66-1/2″ H x 30-1/4″ D
  • 199 lbs. Approximate shipping weight

The Grizzly G0555 Bandsaw is part of the trusted line of tools by Grizzly, but the best way to understand how it performs is by using it. What do those who have used this model of bandsaw have to say about how well it upholds the Grizzly name?

The Pros of the Grizzly G0555

  • It runs fairly quietly with little to no vibration.
  • It is a good light duty saw. This tool is very reliable.
  • The quality of this saw is more than expected for the price. One cannot go wrong with the price of this bandsaw.
  • It works beautifully with the right blade for the task at hand. With two sets of tension bars and a different spring, this saw will have the proper amount of tension with a large blade. This saw tends to prefer lower tension settings. Changing the blade is easy. Blade adjustments are easy to manage. The included blade is good for the initial set up.
  • This saw provides a stable cutting experience. This bandsaw is sturdy enough to accept heavy materials without tipping. Cutting is smooth with this saw.
  • Grizzly really works with a customer to fix issues with or replace the saw.
  • It works well with the riser block kit option.
  • The included fence and miter guide are both useful.
  • The motor is quite sufficient.
  • The Grizzly G0555 handles 6″ resawing of various woods with ease.

The Cons of the Grizzly G0555

  • There are unmentioned delivery issues and charges, which may be lessened depending on the delivery company.
  • There has been some confusion with the wheels listed in the majority of product specifications. Reading customer reviews or calling the company seem to be the only methods to receive clarity on this issue.
  • The instructions do not mention how to change the blade. There also does not seem to be a recommendation on what tension levels to use (or not use) on this saw.
  • The riser block is not easy to install and it throws things out of alignment.
  • Customer support is less than helpful when there is a need to replace or adjust things.
  • The blade that comes with the saw is not suitable for quality cutting.
  • There is no worklight on this saw.
  • This saw is only suitable for the weekend hobbyist.

Overall, most of those who have purchased this model of Grizzly bandsaw have been thrilled with its performance for the price. It is a little difficult to know whether or not the reported delivery issues still exist with this saw, so it would definitely be best to make some inquiries before purchasing this tool. The weight of this Grizzly has led to there being additional fees for removing this saw from the truck in several instances, though a discussion with one well known brown truck delivery service resulted in full service at no additional cost. Most customers have been more than pleased with the smooth cutting results and easy assembly of this tool. Most of the reviews are 5-star on a major online retailer’s site, so it would seem that this bandsaw my indeed be a good buy.

There have been some issues with the specifications, which have led to confusion. This model does not come with a wheeled base. The wheels mentioned are for the running of the blade. There is an wheeled base option available, as well as an optional riser block kit. There have been those who have had some alignment issues with the riser block kit that they received, as well as some other quality control issues. With a look at the reviews it seems that when things go awry with this saw, it can be rather awry. For the most part, many have been pleased with the Grizzly G0555 as their first bandsaw. This is definitely a case thoroughly researching customer reviews and comparing them with estimated needs, before making a purchase.

If at all possible, being able to give this saw a test drive would be rather helpful. It may be beneficial to buy a tool of this size from a local retailer in case a return is necessary. There are no guarantees with this Grizzly bandsaw, but this company has been in business since 1983 and the reviews are largely positive. This type of purchase is certainly an investment so it is important to learn as much about it as possible, before making a decision. The Grizzly G0555 bandsaw has apparently gone up in price since it first appeared on the market, but there are those who are still satisfied with its performance in the current price range. Hopefully, the positive reviews will continue to outweigh the negative ones with this offering from Grizzly.

Grizzly G0555
$545.00 from Amazon

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