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Graco IPO Stroller Review

Certainly you would never trust a stroller that costs less than $100, other than a second hand model, but this stroller is from Graco one of the leading names in safety and durability. The Graco IPO Stroller looks durable and easy to use plus considering the overall look of the stroller you will easily notice that it is well-built and every little detail is carefully placed in the design.

From the large canopy that offers protection but still places the parent at ease with a viewing window to the seats and safety bar that will hold baby while he is riding the stroller. The harness is also ideal for small to large babies since it can be readily adjusted to fit safely onto baby’s body.
Graco IPO Stroller
Graco IPO Stroller Features

  • Weighs 17 pounds and measures 26.5 x 19.5 x 41.5 inches
  • Can hold up to 50 pounds of weight
  • Foldable, lockable and easy to carry. Can be folded easily with one hand
  • Padded seats, handle grips and safety straps
  • Large storage basket
  • Large and adjustable canopy with a small window
  • Seats may be reclined if baby wants to sleep
  • Convertible from a 3 to 5 point harness as baby grows with the stroller
  • With a convenient carrying handle
  • With an adjustable seat pad
  • All wheels move easily and the front wheel may be locked for safety
  • Wheels are made of very hard plastic with rubberized surfaces that grip any pavement or floor
  • Materials for the seat, canopy and basket may be washed clean and dried
  • Frame is well-constructed and durable to hold a small baby to a heavy toddler
  • Comes in different colors
  • Affordable, costs less than $100.00

More things to bring

Definitely every parent agrees that it is hard to decide what things are needed even for a simple stroll down the street. A parent would bring everything that her baby would need like a change of diapers, baby powder, change of clothes, shoes, toys, snacks, blankets, caps, his toy mobile and even baby’s medicine just in case. And where to put all these but in a large carrying basket on the bottom of the Graco IPO; the large basket is versatile since it can hold as much things that you and your baby would need.

Graco strollers

Graco is a well-loved name when it comes to so many baby items. From cribs, to car seats, from baby’s feeding equipment to his toys, there are so many items that spell Graco that baby and parents have grown to love and appreciate all these years. The Graco IPO should be an ideal stroller for you and your family and will probably be used by your child and his siblings as well.

Advantages of using a Graco IPO Stroller

  • The Graco IPO is stronger than most strollers since it is cushioned and supported in all the right places. The frame is made of durable material plus the fact that you can fold this stroller away in a small convenient pack is ideal for small homes and apartments. You can fold and assemble this in one swift motion which is one of the most important features of a stroller for any parent. A cranky child and a huge diaper bag is mostly the problem of parents who take their kids out for a stroll and it a blessing to have a stroller that easily assembles and folds away.
  • This stroller is easy to clean and maintain; the seat and the canopy may be removed and cleaned. You just place this inside the washer and it can be clean in no time at all. The canopy is very easy to assemble, remove and to replace back if ever you want to clean it. The inner lining is made of material that resists stains and spills so you can clean up even when you are not at home yet.
  • The padded seats, the padded bars and 3 to 5 point harness provides optimum safety for infants especially for a long ride at the park or at the mall. The hand grips are also designed to reduce strain on the wrist and hands of the parent or the caregiver.
  • The wheels are well constructed and will provide a smooth ride. The front wheels are movable so you can steer in tight spots like supermarket aisles and park benches. The basket at the back is perfect to carry large loads and items that you need for a day out in the park or in the mall. It can carry large diaper bags, your purse and some grocery items that baby needs. You can also be sure that you have all the things you need and more since this basket is large enough to carry even toys, books and several stuffed animals!

Disadvantages of using a Graco IPO

  • This stroller does not convert into a car seat which is unfortunate since you will need to purchase another appliance for the car. This stroller also does not place baby right in front of the parent or caregiver when out for a walk; this is  important so that the parent can see what’s happening and see to it that the baby is safe as he sleeps even when the stroller is moving.

Overall, the Graco IPO Stroller is a practical stroller to use and it could be an ideal stroller for a family on a budget. It provides a suitable seat, a comfortable ride and a safe way for baby to move about. There are several advantages like its large basket, its comfortable seat and peek-a-boo canopy however it does not become a car seat or a feeding chair when baby is outdoors.

The ability of this stroller to fold away into a small package makes it an ideal stroller for a small home plus will also ensure that it is well-cared for until baby reaches his toddler years. It is also very easy to open up and assemble which is very important when taking baby out for a walk.

Graco IPO Stroller
$1,499.00 from Amazon

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