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Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System Review

The Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System is designed to safely and stylishly help transport baby, but without weighing caretakers down. It comes with the SnugRide Classic Connect Infant Car Seat and the Dynamo Lite Stroller in matching hue and pattern. This lightweight system was made to help baby and caretaker get from here to there securely, with ease and minimum fuss.

Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System Features
Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System

  • Rear facing car seat holds babies from 4-30 pounds, and up to 30” long
  • Car Seat has 5-point harness for infant and stay-in-car base
  • Car Seat has impact-energy absorbing liner
  • Car Seat has removable infant head support cushion
  • Car Seat meets or exeeds U.S. safety standards
  • Stroller holds babies up to 50 pounds
  • Stroller seat has multiple reclining positions
  • Stroller has easy, one-handed folding system
  • Stroller has pivoting baby tray for frustration-free child placement
  • Stroller has parent tray with deep cupholders
  • Stroller has ample undercarriage storage
  • Stroller has swivel, double-front wheels
  • Stroller has sturdy, lightweight frame
  • Stroller and car seat have matching hues and fabrics with several choices
  • Stroller harness adjusts from 5-point infant to 3-point toddler size
  • Stroller combined with car seat makes infant enclosure
  • Stroller can be combined with any Classic Connect car seat to form infant enclosure
  • Stroller weighs 17.71 pounds, measures 40.9” H x 30.51” L x 22.44” W
  • Car seat weighs 12.21 pounds with base and 7.5 pounds without, measures 27” D x 16.5” W x 24” H

The Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System offers an all in one travel system, which is designed to keep baby safe while on the go. There is a range of patterns and hues which is specific to the Graco Dynamo Lite line. Most of these have a feminine feel though there are a couple which are gender neutral. The SnugRide Car Seat has been through intensive crash testing and is one of the highest rated car seats in the U.S. market. It can be combined with the Dynamo Lite stroller to form a secure infant enclosure for protection from the elements.

The undercarriage storage on the stroller is meant to make travel more convenient for caretaker and baby. The stay-in-car base for the car seat provides convenience and security, by allowing the seat to be transported, but its place in the vehicle to remain secured. The frame of the stroller is lightweight, yet sturdy to provide easier maneuverability up curves and the like. With a list price of $180, the Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System presents itself as an affordable, stylish and secure alternative for baby travel.

There are many who have made this selection for their babies and taking their experiences into account may help others make a more informed buying decision.

The Pros of the Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System

  • The stroller and car seat are made out of high quality material.
  • The car seat is easily taken in and out of a two-door car.
  • Both pieces are light enough for a male to carry both down the stairs at the same time.
  • The gender neutral patterns are well suited for that purpose. Babies enjoy looking at the patterns.
  • The feminine patterns are attractive without being too flashy or too sedate. Adorable prints.
  • The undercarriage storage on the stroller is quite suitable. It makes traveling and running errands easier. A diaper bag, purse and a few more bags will fit in the storage area, if properly arranged.
  • The car seat easily and securely snaps onto the stroller.
  • The car seat can be used with or withouth the base. It also snaps easily and snugly onto the base.
  • The stroller can be easily folded down with one hand while holding a baby in the other.
  • The initial assembly required is easy and very little.
  • The sun shade on the stroller works well.
  • The stroller is easy to move about. The front swivel wheels deliver a gliding effect.
  • The car seat material is well suited for easy cleaning.
  • The Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System is a good buy for the money.
  • The adjustable harness on the stroller works well to accomodate a growing child.
  • In person, this product looks the way it does in the pictures.
  • This travel system exceeds expectations. It matches up with the known quality of products from Graco.
  • It can be found online and in store.

The Cons of the Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System

  • The wheels start to squeak after a while.
  • The fabric of the car seat is not very plush.
  • Assembling the wheels can be a bit tricky.
  • The stroller is a bit bulky when folded. It does not lay completely flat. In some smaller trunks, there may need to be a bit of disassembly to get it to fit.
  • The clips on the front swivel wheel easily breaks and Graco does not seem to have a replacement part.
  • A dome, hood, or lid would be good for securing a cell phone in the parent tray.

The Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System overall seems to deliver the safety, style and convenience that is was designed to offer. This baby transportation bundle comes in a variety of hues and patterns, which make it pretty easy for anyone to find a set which works with their tastes. This baby travel package provides a set up which will grow with the child for several months of use with the car seat and years of use with the stroller features. The parent tray and the undercarriage storage enable baby’s caretaker to safely run errands or travel from here to there.  The car seat is one of the safest in the U.S. market and the stay-in-car base adds a level of convenient safety to this already secure baby transport item. Most customers feel that buying the Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System is money well spent.

Graco Dynamo Lite Travel System
$171.49 from Amazon

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