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GE Cafe Series CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator Review

There have been noted innovations when it comes to refrigerators for years. In fact, these innovations have just made the choices even a whole lot difficult. One of the fridges added on the pool of products in the market is this all new GE Cafe Series CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator. This new addition to GE’s growing family of effective appliances is one to watch out. Superior features are embodied by this refrigerator putting it at the frontline of the best choices for refrigerators.
GE CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator Features

  • GE Café stainless steel made
  • Turbo cool temperature management system
  • With 4 electronic controls
  • Multiflow Air System
  • Actual temperature display with its upfront temperature controls
  • Internal water dispenser
  • Comes with a water filter
  • Water filter indication light
  • Factory installed ice maker with water filtration system
  • Interior lighting
  • Multi-level drawers
  • Door alarm
  • In-the-door beverage rack
  • 20.7 cu ft storage capacity
  • Hidden door hinges

Well-Engineered and Efficient Model

GE Cafe Series CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator is an example of a well-engineered type of refrigerator. It is designed primarily for convenience while not jeopardizing style. Moreover, its design does not only stand for aesthetic purposes but still has something to do with its functions and the ease of its use.

Try to look at its overall appearance first. It is made of stainless steel casing which means that it has the capacity to protect itself from the harms of physical attacks. This casing also lets the device work longer than you can ever imagine. Its external casing also houses the digital display that this device features. This digital pad contains the details on the current setting the refrigerator is in. it also displays the current temperature inside the refrigerator.

Another added feature that is an advantage is the water filter that comes with this refrigerator. It makes sure that the water that comes out of its water dispenser is already drinkable. Also, its ice maker has a built in filtration system which frees ice from the tendency of having particles mixed in. The user is sure that water that comes out of its system is clean and safe to drink.

Interior compartments are designed well enough too. You will see that the drawers and bins are arranged in such a way that it will look organized. This makes it easy to see where specific foods are placed. There is also an in-the-door beverage rack which makes room for your beverages and bottled food products. Every space on its interior is used effectively.

GE Cafe Series CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator is intelligently designed to keep up with the right consumption of energy. In fact, it has been packed with a door alarm which alerts the user should the refrigerator is left open. This is a helpful feature as most of the time users tend to forget to close the fridge tighter making it consume more energy that it is supposed to consume.

Advantages of using GE Cafe Series CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator

  • Comes to be manufactured by a trusted brand which means you can never go wrong of its promised benefits.
  • It has a huge storage space to keep foods for your family and even guests. It has a total of 20.7 cu ft capacity which is huge enough to keep all your foods accommodated.
  • It has turbo cool temperature management system making sure that the refrigerator only has the right temperature to serve your different needs.
  • Its multiflow air system makes sure that there is the right airflow for each of the compartments of the refrigerator to maintain the freshness of the food in it.
  • The user will have the knowledge of the actual temperature inside the fridge as it comes to have an upfront display panel.
  • The fridge comes with drawers and bins to completely make food storage completely organized.
  • It has its very own water dispenser which allows the user to avail of cool water anytime.
  • Water dispensed is clean because it passes through a water filter.
  • Get to avail of ice cubes anytime with the fridge’s built in ice maker. Water used for ice is also filtered.
  • Multi-level drawers let you separate different types of foods.
  • It comes with an open door alarm which creates a beep when the door is left open.
  • Energy efficient
  • Comes with an easy to clean finish. Wiping off the refrigerator will leave it clean as new.
  • Durable material makes up the casing of the refrigerator allowing it to resist physical harm.
  • Stylish beverage rack to house your canned drinks.
  • It has a warranty to keep up with your needs should there be flaws appearing after the purchase.

Disadvantages of using GE Cafe Series CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator

  • An expensive model of refrigerator.
  • Since it comes expensive, it will also demand of higher cost on its parts should it be left damaged.
  • The water dispenser is located inside the fridge so there is a need to open its doors to avail of cold water.
  • There is not much that you can place inside the drawers.
  • There is no compartment inside the freezer which means you need to stack up frozen goods to organize it. Once you will need to take out the good on the lower part of the stack, you will find yourself disorganized.
  • Rearranging the contents will always be the scenario as the drawers are not that big enough to hold the items.

GE CFCP1NIZSS French-Door Refrigerator is a decent working equipment to arm your kitchen with. Looking at its modern design and its stainless steel finish, you will see that it fits just right for modern home. But you have to be prepared to use your organization skills in stacking goods inside the fridge. Plus, it does come in expensive. Yet, considering the advanced features it comes to have, all of these minor things will never matter. In fact, you may find that this fridge is just right for your needs. This refrigerator is perfect to address your needs in maintaining fresh and crisp foods even when stored for long.

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