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Gas Grills vs Charcoal Grills

There is a growing debate over two of the mostly used outdoor cooking materials, charcoal and gas. Looking at the two, the differences opted to be visible – one as a traditional piece of household cooking and the latter on the modern side. However, each one has its own strengths that you may want to point out. What is better, charcoal or gas?

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  • Charcoal is cheaper than gas. A small bag of charcoal enough for outdoor cooking may only cost £5.95. At the price of £ 13.25 you can already have the large bag for bulk cooking. Gas on the other hand may take you to a price range from £ 15.49 – £25.49.  This makes this impractical especially if you are only grilling for a short while.
  • Gas grill is also more complicated to assemble than charcoal grill. Grills run by gas needs a lot of checking to ensure that it is working well. You have the gas tank to check and connect to the grill. While charcoal grill can be assembled easily. You just need to arrange charcoals underneath the grill and you are good to go.
  • One can also see the difference when it comes to the taste of the grilled food. Charcoal actually gives out the original smokey flavor of the food. As a traditionally used material, it has the advantage. Gas on the other hand does cook food but it does not actually give out the smokey flavor of a grilled food. In some instances, the difference is never even noted but when you come to grill beef or pork, the difference is evident.
  • Temperature control is as easy as 123 when using gas. This is because of the fact that there are ready buttons to operate to maintain the temperature. In just a rotating knob, you can change the temperature effortlessly. Charcoal use on the other hand requires high level of expertise to maintain the temperature. Since there are no automatic buttons to push when you have got your food roasted heavily, you have to have keen senses to determine the right temperature so as to prevent over cooking and under cooking.
  • Thinking about convenience, gas is much better also. You just have to keep the gas tank open and you will be supplied with the gas to fuel the lava stone on the grill. In minutes, you can start cooking already. While the use of charcoal demands your patience. You have got to be creative to light up the charcoal. It is not like paper which easily lights up when exposed to fire. In charcoal, you really need to master the art of keeping the fire alive to start cooking.
  • Safety is also an area of concern. There is risk in using gas tanks. If your connections have flaws like a tear, this may be a big problem. If you are unfortunate enough not to detect the flaws, your tank might explode. Using gas demands you to check every now and then to avoid sudden accidents from happening. Using charcoal on the other side is much safer to use. Since your only concern is to make sure that fire does not escape the grill, accidents is unlikely to happen. You just have to be in close watch.
  • Gas grills do not give you the problem of mess. You do not have to deal with ashes after use because it does not leave residues after cooking. Charcoal use needs a lot of cleaning on the other hand. Ashes are all over after use and you need to keep the grill free from these to prevent hassles on the next time you grill.

Gas and charcoal have their own differences. Aside from this, there are also strengths brought by each one. These two different entities become the source of different debates brought out since the time these two are introduced. As a consumer, it will always boil down to the basic parameter in choosing the right cooking material for you – your need. Everyone has relative needs and while one may think that gas is perfect, another one thinks the opposite. It is your preference that will greatly differ. Since the facts are already given, the decision lies in your hands.

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