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Frigidaire FRA082AT7 Air Conditioner Review

Whether it is the sweltering summer or the frigid winter, you are going to need air conditioning. Sometimes, you may not have a whole house air conditioning unit or you may want something that warms up or cools down a specific room, which is where a window mounted unit can come in handy. The Frigidaire FRA082AT7 Air Conditioner provides you with reliable, quality air that can make any room livable. This compact air conditioner can help you to save money and make a room more comfortable, no matter what you need. While it does have its downsides, as with any product, you can see quite a few benefits with this unit. When shopping for an air conditioner to mount into a window, this is one you may not want to pass up.
Frigidaire FRA082AT7
There is not a lot to the design of this air conditioner. It is a rather basic design, nothing too incredible, modern, or fantastic about it. Where the benefits come in is the performance and quality. For what you are paying, this does a great job cooling down or warming up a space. You can count on it for what you need it to do, even if it is not high tech or the most advanced out there. If you are looking to save on money without sacrificing comfort in your own home, this is the place to go for you.

Several things make up this unit. To understand it a little more, you might want to familiarize yourself with the pros:

  • Quality
  • Affordable
  • Can save you energy
  • Several features
  • Simple and quick to mount

Where the Frigidaire FRA082AT7 Air Conditioner makes you happy is the job it does, obviously. Since it is quite affordable, you are going to worry about the price, as many people do. Luckily, paying less for this does not mean you are going to have to lose quality. This air conditioner can do the job you need it to do easily and quickly and continually do it for a while. It also helps to save you energy and money by starting up at low voltage, ensuring that you are not going to go broke for comfort. There are also quite a few things, like its ability to remove harmful bacteria, that make this a great unit overall. Once you are ready to install, this mounts with little effort so that you can enjoy all of the benefits quickly.

There are downsides, obviously. Some of the cons of this unit are:

  • Not as many features, high quality as higher end models
  • Cannot control temperature easily

While the Frigidaire FRA082AT7 Air Conditioner is quality, you cannot expect it to be as grand as the higher end models. The construction and build might not be at the same level of the higher end models, because there was that need to save money to make it affordable, but that does not affect the work it does. You should note, however, that you cannot control the temperature easily with this model. This can result in several annoyances during use, especially if trying to hit a specific temperature.

Frigidaire FRA082AT7
$204.99 from Amazon

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