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Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range Review

The Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range is a quality gas range because it comes from a world renowned brand called Frigidaire. This gas range features 4 sealed burners as well as one-touch cleaning system and an oven that has 5.0cu.ft capacity. A few reviews made about this product revealed that it is mostly rated 5 stars because of the performance and the quality as it boasts of a beautifully crafted body with the satisfaction of the consumers in mind. You’d be impressed with its design, its features, etc. as it also comes with a price you cannot resist.
Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range
Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range Features

  • 4 Sealed Burners; with low Simmer Burner
  • Quick Boil Burner
  • 5.0 cu. ft. Oven Capacity
  • Ready-Select Controls
  • Store-More Storage Drawer
  • Color: stainless steel
  • Weight: 150 Pounds
  • Depth: 28.50 inches
  • Width: 29.88 inches
  • Height: 47 inches
  • Grates: Cast Iron with Black Matte Finish
  • One-touch Self-clean system
  • Auto-oven shut off
  • Timed Cook option
  • Extra large oven window
  • Delay Start Baking Option
  • Delay Clean


The Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range has a large capacity oven. It comes with a 5.0cu.ft capacity, allowing the baking of multiple food items at once.


The FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range features Matte Black Finish with Cast Iron Grates as well as an oven with an extra large window and a stainless steel handle. All these features exist to make this gas range look very attractive and perfect for every kitchen.

Burner Performance

The 4 sealed burners of the Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range are excellent in performance especially when cooking diverse food items and meals. This features a quick boil burner as well as a low-simmer burner both for varying needs of the meals you cook. This allows whatever meals to be cooked just the way you like it.

One touch self-clean technology

This gas range features this one-touch self clean technology that activates the oven’s cleaning feature by pressing a single button. This feature saves users’ time when trying to clean the oven.

Automatic shut off function

The FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range also features an auto-shut off function which is considered a safety feature because it automatically shuts off after 12 hours. It also comes with cooking timers that automatically stops when the food is cooked already. These features eliminate the risk of fire accidents due to people forgetting to shut off their gas range.

Storage Convenience

The Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range is also equipped with convenience features such as the store-more storage drawer for placing important cooking items near the user when cooking using this gas range.

The Pros and Cons of the Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range

The Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range has been reviewed by several consumers already. According to them, these are the pros and cons of this gas range.


  • It isn’t fancy or high-end, but it cooks a lot and it does everything you need to do with it.
  • The stove top is sleek and easy to keep clean.
  • The oven is spacious. You can bake a variety of food items inside it at the same time.
  • The glass oven door and light are pros since you do not need to open the door to check on the food inside.
  • It is a gas range of convenience as it has a self-cleaning oven feature and timer.
  • It comes with a very pleasing quality. Most of its components are made with quality steel and stainless steel so it is guaranteed sturdy and durable. It could last a lifetime.
  • It looks great. Because of its Cast Iron with Black Matte Finish grates and stainless steel build, it definitely looks nice in the kitchen.
  • It doesn’t get hot when the oven is on, so it is safe to use and eliminates the risks of getting burned skin when cooking or baking.
  • The burners have variable sizes and the size of the oven is also excellent. There is a burner for low simmer cooking and for quick boil cooking. It allows you to cook variety of meals at the same time.
  • It is a good product, efficient and well built. It is good in the sense that it has good looks and has nice features. It is efficient in terms of its cooking performance as well as the quality of meals you can cook using this gas range. It is well-built considering its durability and the materials used to craft this gas range.
  • It also works great. Many gas ranges only look great but when their performance is tested, they fail. This one is different because it performs very well indeed.
  • It heats up extremely quickly and boils water faster than other brands of gas range. When it comes to saving time and effort in cooking, this one definitely tops the list.
  • It is very easy to clean. This is because of its one-touch self-cleaning technology. There is no need for you to take out the pan inside the oven to clean it. It cleans itself but you can control the cleaning schedule because it also features a delay clean system.


  • The handle is a bit bulky. Even though it is made of stainless steel and durable, it does not pass in terms of comfort as it is not easy and comfortable to grip a bulky handle indeed.
  • It is hard to keep the black top clean. This is why the black top often shows more dust than white. This can affect the overall appearance of the gas range as well as may also affect the quality in time.

Overall, the Frigidaire FFGF3053LS 30 Freestanding Gas Range is an outstanding choice for those who want good quality, performance, looks as well as features all in one package and in an excellent price range.  You’ll get all the things you are looking for in a gas range without spending a hefty budget for it.

Frigidaire FFGF3053LS
$750.49 from Amazon

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