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Fender T-Bucket Bass Review

Fender first put an electric bass on the market in 1951 and since that time, electric basses from this music industry cornerstone have made an undeniable contribution to modern music. It is a surprise that Fender did not enter the acoustic bass market until 1972. Regardless, this company has made quite a space for itself in the competitive, acoustic bass field and the Fender T-Bucket(TM) Bass is one of its offerings. This laminated, Sunburst finish acoustic bass allows budding bassists to bloom and be able to flourish on stage, when the time is right. It is attractive to the eye and was designed to please the ear. The affordable price still includes a Fishman electronic system, which insures that this intrument will be heard when amplified.
Fender T-Bucket Bass
Fender T-Bucket Bass Features

  • Laminated Flame Maple top
  • Laminated Mahogany back and sides
  • “C”shaped gloss Mahogany neck
  • Scalloped X bracing
  • T-Bucket pinstriped rosette
  • Grand Concert body shape
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Dot inlays
  • Ivory neck and body binding
  • Dual-action truss rods
  • Fishman Isys III System includes active built in preamp and tuner
  • 3-band equalizer
  • Rosewood bridge with compensated saddle
  • Chrome finished hardware
  • 22 frets
  • 32” scale length (medium)
  • Bronze strings (gauges .045-.095)

The Fender T-Bucket Bass is part of the Hot Rod Design Acoustics series, featuring inlay pinstriping details by artist Vince Ray. The “F” on the 12th fret and the holographic rosette are how Fender uses the work of Vince Ray to accentuate this instrument. The Sunburst finish on the Flame Maple top help to garner admiring looks from those who lay eyes on this bass. The binding on the body and neck of this bass is ivory in hue. While the laminated body does not produce the same sound quality as a solid body, it does help protect this guitar from the moisture of humidity. The Grand Concert body style offers quality, bass sound and a size that is manageable when seated. The 32” medium length scale assists in easier playability for the average sized musician. It is also lightweight and a well-thought out design for beginning bassists.

The Fender T-Bucket Bass is an acoustic bass which is designed to have the low tones that a bass should. Some acoustic basses have a tendency to have too much of a treble quality to their sound. This instrument was designed to reach lower notes with a balanced sound. Once it is amplified, this bass is geared to do its part in an acoustic grouping. The built in tuner and 3-band equalizer make molding and shaping the sound and blocking feedback, a possibility. The Fender Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Bass strings with which this bass comes strung, are designed to reach those lower registers without the buzz. The placement of the electronics on this bass caters well to live playing, so while this bass is geared toward a beginner, it can accommodate a musician who is at the gig playing level.

Fender has been known in the guitar industry for decades and has made a solid contribution to rock and roll with the electric bass. That is why it is a bit of a puzzler that Fender came along late in the acoustic bass field, yet it has been making a mark for itself. The Fender T-Bucket Bass has been crafted with the thought of carrying on with that process. Part of the acoustic bass’ appeal is that beginners can learn on it without disturbing their neigbors. This bass offers the more quiet tones of the unplugged acoustic and the ability to musically entertain during an acoustic performance. Fender also makes sure to use Fishman electronics to insure quality sound amplification. This bass really presents itself as a sound investment in musical education and performance.

It does not come with any accessories, such as a pick, case, strap or cord, but that is not uncommon with guitars in this price range. For whatever reason, reviews from those who own the Fender T-Bucket Bass have been scarce. Perhaps there is more playing going on and less online discussion about this bass. The personalities of those who specialize on the bass is different than those who specialize on the guitar. These musicians may have a tendancy to be more tight lipped on forums and let their playing do the talking at venues. Still, what few reviews there are at hand, are short, sweet and thumbs up. The lowest is 4 star and the review is glowing. The only knocks that beginning musician had was that unplugged, the Fender T-Bucket Bass is a tad quite for a campfire jam, but plugged in with a switch to nylon strings made it sing low and rest on the edge of the sound from an upright bass.

Another review praised the Fender T-Bucket Bass for its ease of use. From the tone of the write up, that beginning bassist will remain encouraged to get better with time and practice. Many musicians are discouraged by the arm span that it often takes to properly play the bass. The medium length of the scale of Fender T-Bucket Bass and its lighter weight, open up the field for more musicians to learn how to master the bass. The sound, construction and onboard tuner really had the Fender stamp for a reviewer who is already familiar with the use of the brand. Another was more than pleased with the performance of this bass after all of the research.

At a retail price ranging from $400-$550, it looks like the Fender T-Bucket Bass is a great price for such a quality, beginner to intermediate level instrument. Make sure to understand the return policy of a retailer. Also purchase the appropriate case and other accessories in order to protect the bass and enjoy playing. If it is possible, try this model out in person before making a purchase to make sure its the best fit for the situation. Then live long and play on with the Fender T-Bucket Bass.

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