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Fender T-BUCKET-300CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar Review

The Fender T-BUCKET-300CE is a guitar with the option to remain acoustic or to be plugged in for the sound of electric. The body is a coming together of a laminated, flame maple top and laminated, mahogany back and side. It has been accented with a pinstriping design by renowned, hot rod artist Vince Ray. This guitar boasts a rosewood fretboard, scalloped bracing, die-cast tuning machines, and a Fishman® Isys III System, which is a built in tuner with pre-amp. The string nut has been crafted of synthetic bone and the hardware shines due to the chrome finish. The position inlays and black bridge pins are marked with white dots. The strings are Fender® Dura-Tone® Coated 80/20 Bronze (.012-.052 Gauge). So, how do the majority of those, who own this guitar, feel about the performance of this instrument? Whether the buyers knew a fair bit or no bit about guitars, most of them were more than pleased about the decision to purchase this combo Fender.
Fender T-BUCKET-300CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar
The Fender T-BUCKET-300CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar has started to make a name for itself as a quality guitar for those who are just beyond the beginning stages of playing. It has often been rated 5 stars online. That rating comes from its price, look, sound and comfort. Guitars, as with most instruments, can be pretty pricey. For most people who are just becoming confident with their guitar playing progress, there is a need to upgrade from the guitar with which they started, but there is not yet a need to pay big bucks to do so. The design of this Fender combination acoustic-electric model seems to provide quality sound and playing comfort, all for around $300,if found at the right retailer. The dreadnought, single-cutaway design of the body provides a level of comfort, which allows for hours of guitar playing, without fatigue. Its size may be a bit of a challenge for a smaller person, but the sound quality, to which the dreadnought scale lends itself may indeed by worth it, according to most of the reviews.

There has been almost nothing but praise for the electronic aspect of the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE. There is at least an owner or two, who have felt the knobs for the electronic system are hard to turn and feel like plastic. These few owners primarily use this instrument acoustically, so still love it. Most of the people who never even had a chance to try out this guitar before buying it, have had no regrets. There have been rave reviews about the strap buttons being sturdy, as well as the tuners, nut, frets and bridge. There has been a mention about this model having no pick guard. This could cause some issues with the finish, over time. Still, most of the people who own the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE feel that for its price, this is a small concern. It has been stated that as long as the owners take care of this guitar, it should hold up well, for years to come.

The people who love the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar, have felt that using it has helped to elevate their playing to the next level. Some have even used it as a beginning guitar and have been told by friends with guitar experience that this is a fine guitar. Those who have used it as their next step have noticed that this guitar does not have the stiffness common in guitars for beginners. Many of those who have used this Fender dreadnought for shows, have had a great time with it. Some have enjoyed the ability to easily tune this guitar between songs. There was a customer who only gave this guitar 4 stars, but the person to whom it was given rated it 5 stars. That 4 star came from the fact that the gifter felt that another guitar would have been more appropriate and was only able to see the guitar online, before buying it. That being said, the one who received the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE as the gift played it over the phone and it sounded good.

Most of those who have heard the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar, have really had great things to say about the sound. At least one buyer was not impressed by it, but most of the others have truly been astonished by the sound quality for the price. The look of this guitar has been reported to turn heads. It apparently looks more expensive than it is, no matter the hue of this Fender model. There was a review which involved this guitar arriving broken. It was a packaging issue and the person who bought it was not thrilled about the look of the material, from the broken angle. Well, not everyone is going to love a product, but it seems that most people are rather enthralled with this particular instrument.

The right deal on the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE had some buyers getting a bonus deals, such as a free hard case and a store credit. Now, not all buyers have been fortunate enough to find this type of deal, yet still most of them are all about this guitar for the price. There are those who have had this guitar for a year or more, using it frequently and still loving it. Naturally, it is best to be able to try out an instrument before buying it. Knowing how it feels and performs is part of what makes buying from a music store a very practical move. Fortunately, for those buyers who had only the online option, satisfaction reigned supreme.

It is always important to know the return policy of a retailer before making any purchase, much less a major one, such as the Fender T-BUCKET-300CE Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar. Fortunately, if the positive reviews are to be belived, there would be very little reason to have to return this guitar. If someone is looking for that first guitar past the beginner level, this may just be the one. It is best to try before buying, but if that is not possible, with this Fender combo model, it may all work out brilliantly anyway.

Fender T-BUCKET-300CE
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