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Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner is another vacuum cleaner model from Dyson that features the Dyson cyclone technology as well as the ball technology. This product is looked forward to by many reviewers because of its unique way of capturing dust as well as its offered convenience in maneuvering. It boasts about great performance and a well-thought out design and since it is manufactured by Dyson, you can trust that the quality is great as well. You can be sure that no matter what surface you are vacuuming, you will get impressive results.
Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Dyson Radial root cyclone technology
  • central steering mechanism
  • Triggerhead tool, with an air-driven rotating brush bar
  • Ball technology
  • Extra tools such as Stair tool and a Combination tool
  • Clear bin
  • non-removable HEPA filter
  • Dimension: 10.2 x 19.5 x 14.2 inches
  • Weight: 8.8 pounds
  • Warranty: 5 Year Warranty- parts and labor

Power Suction

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner features the Dyson cyclone technology that enables the capturing of more dirt compared to a traditional vacuum cleaner. This technology has been improved to a new radial root cyclone technology for a more increased suction power.

Power Steering

The DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner features a ball technology and a central steering mechanism. These two features allow the easy maneuvering of the vacuum cleaner even if the ball is the one holding the vacuum’s motor; the heaviest component of this tool.

Greater Control

The DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner features a triggerhead tool. This feature allows users to easily control the vacuum because the controls are located at the handle so there is no need to bend down. The triggerhead tool also features a fingertip control for easy switching of the brush bar off or on.

HEPA filter

The DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner features a non-removable HEPA filter which is an important feature as it traps the dust particles so they don’t blow into your face. This is a convenient feature for these who have allergies and asthma.

Clear Bin Performance

The DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner comes with a transparent bin. This feature allows you to see and easily check whether the bin needs emptying already or not. This feature also allows you to check the amount of dust and particles the vacuum has gathered.

The Pros and Cons of the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner is praised for its uniqueness, quality and performance. However, it also has minor flaws. Knowing this product’s pros and cons can help you decide whether to buy or not to buy this vacuum cleaner.


  • It is easy to assemble. It only takes five seconds to snap everything together and you are ready to go.
  • The plastic parts are high quality all around. It is also smooth and has a matte finish. It is not brittle so it won’t snap.
  • This vacuum is light weight, very easy to maneuver and no switching attachments as the wand extends easily. Because it is very maneuverable and light, it isn’t too much effort to make repeated passes.
  • It sucked everything up with no problems; from sticky rice, twigs and leaves as well as sand, etc.
  • Emptying the canister is easy, and is just a click of a button.
  • It is very convenient. The ball design is great and it just follows you around the room easily. The ball design is really well-thought out.
  • The removable parts remove and reattach easily. It does not take much of your time as well as it does not require much effort to do so.
  • The two additional tools fit conveniently on the floor tool ‘rod’. The two additional tools are also helpful.
  • The plug is well-designed for easy removal from a tight socket. You won’t have a hard time plugging it or removing the plug. Plugging also does not compromise safety.
  • It has an exceptionally strong suction. It can lift a carpet and make it feel more cushioned. Its strong suction is proof that it is an effective cleaning tool.
  • It is well constructed and brilliantly engineered. It has a great industrial design worthy of the dyson name.


  • It is only better on bare floor but it is not very good on carpets. It seems the head is not heavy enough to allow the beater bar to loosen the dirt in the fibers.
  • The extremely powerful suction is so powerful that it cannot be used on a throw rug.
  • The hose between the canister and the wand seems about a foot too short.
  • The canister clogs in spots and has to be cleaned by hand as the dirt does not ‘fall’ out of the canister.
  • The design of the canister where the bottom opens to empty it is flawed since the hinge does not allow the bottom to be dropped at anything greater than a 90 degree angle.
  • The canister latch does not catch until about the 3rd try which makes it time-consuming.
  • It is so small, so you have to do more pass to cover the same square footage. The head is also small and not great on carpets so it is not good for an all-over cleaning.
  • The power button is on the canister, not on the handle and the extension can’t stand up by itself like most other canister vacuums.
  • The turbine head is unable to pick up anything larger than a dog food pellet on hard floors.
  • It is not really that safe even with the HEPA filter because this vacuum leaves behind small particles on the carpet, and on hard floors it throws debris backwards toward the user. This makes the filter useless.

Overall, the Dyson DC39 Multi Floor Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a good cleaning tool for those who are looking for a lightweight but powerful vacuum cleaner. This is already a great product you can use for everyday cleaning.

Dyson DC39 Multi-Floor Canister
$379.99 from Amazon

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