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Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner is one full-blown vacuum cleaner that contains a ball technology to help you maneuver and move around easily. The normal wheeled vacuum cleaner unit is not easy to move, transferring it from one direction to the other can cause difficulty. Dyson DC39 vacuum cleamer is different. The unit cleans the house without awkward moves. You can move it in any direction without any trouble. Dyson manufacturing invent, produce, test and try the product to discover a new technology. To protect and secure their innovations from copycat makers, they file for patent applications.
Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum CleanerProduct Features:

  • A vital steering mechanism
  • Triggerhead Tool
  • A transparent bin for easy detection of dirt
  • Expels a cleaner air and captures allergens
  • Extra tools
  • No added costs
  • Labor and parts warranty of 5 years

Radial Root Cyclone Technology

The new cyclone tech spins air at high speed that produces centrifugal force several times than gravitational one. Dirt, dust, and pet furs are flying directly inside the bin. There would be no loss and no bags of suction.

Ball Engineering

The vital part is located in the interior of treated ball. There’s no bargain in the performance as it lessens the level of noise. The unit has central steering technology for simpler and greater switch. This canister vacuum could make a tighter turn of circles and capable to follow the user’s path easily from the axis point located close to the inner component of the cleaner.

Ball Technology

The technology aids to overcome steering limitation of the fixed wheel. They depend on the ball that turns instantly, thus you may steer without causing trouble. This machine is moveable in any blockages and its ball has a smooth surface to guarantee that it doesn’t dig in the carpet stack.

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner is prepared with radial technology with a remodeled airflow to give optimal suction power which means it could capture more dust, furs and dirt than the other units. Like other vacuum cleaner available in the market nowadays, Dyson DC39 has no filter or bags to be replaced. In addition, it doesn’t lose suction while you do the vacuuming.

DC39 is made to reduce the noise level during a procedure without affecting its performance. It is due to the treated ball being placed on the unit. Also, it has triggered tool with air-driven revolving brush bars. It is just the head controlled in the handle which means you don’t have to bend over when cleaning. It has simple transitions from carpet to the hardwood floor by simply pushing its button on its handle, so it turns on and off. The Dyson DC39 appliance comes with mini turbines head to remove pet furs, debris, dirt and dust from stairs, upholstery, car and confined spaces.

Dyson DC39 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner Pros and Cons


  • Dyson DC39 is among the recently released model of vacuum cleaner from Dyson posted at Amazon. Currently, it ranks number One in the canister vacuum category. From its new release, you can only find customer reviews around 8 to 8 and most of them give Five Star-rating, while others have Four. As a result, you will see how a renowned product is being rated for its newly released vacuum cleaner in the market.
  • Dyson DC39 is equipped with Dyson technology which doesn’t lose suction while you do the cleaning. It offers reliable operation from beginning up to the end. And then, the highlight of a canister vacuum is that there’s no bag or filter to substitute. It will help also to save cost in buying parts in the future and helps save the trouble in changing them.
  • Equipped with ball and Dyson technology, you easily can steer the way without any trouble and you could move around the unit easily with no obstacles. The DC39 animal vacuum cleaner greatly works for pet furs, so if you’re a pet lover, then definitely you will love this machine.
  • It contains labor and parts warranty for five years provided by Dyson. This is the only invention that has this kind of warranty. The unit needs minimal maintenance as well; you only need to clean the filter with water once in a month. Amazon also offers 20 percent discount.
  • Dyson performance makes it stress-free to switch parts out on the fly for occasional cleaning.
  • DC39 animal vacuum cleaner grip and brush bars head are tiny enough to properly fit in most couches.
  • DC39 trigger grip’s one groundbreaking idea that saves you countless headaches.


  • The manner that this vacuum cleaner’s made takes more space than the upright.
  • Another thing is, this unit is quite expensive. If you heard about Dyson, then you’ll surely learn the cost of the brand. On the other hand, considering the quality of this vacuum cleaner, you will be amazed how it’s been rated with five stars.
  • You need to be careful in draining the canister, or else all the dirt and dust will just fly everywhere.
  • The housing of this appliance could get warm for extended usage.
  • Dyson DC39 cannot handle debris as big as a marble.

Perhaps, you will not invest in a vacuum in its design, yet it’s difficult to write reviews concerning Dyson products without talking on designs in the first place. DC39 appears like a small nuclear reactor, with all sorts of small turbines looking nub to top which the filter emerges from the inside like sponge cooling rods. Behind the reactor canister is a ball that takes much space like the container itself. Fact is, these parts are composed of 95 percent DC39 final size and the 5 percent is used for the grip. Really, it is somewhat radical and it saves space eventually.

Once Dyson DC39 Canister Vacuum Cleaner smashes more than a portion of the meal, the vacuum suction would totally crash as food couldn’t pass in the canister’s ingestion which is tiny and long.  It would require you to power off the vacuum, blast off the pipe, lift off the sifter then turns the machine on its head to jiggle out the offending food pieces.  However, it was a frustrating method that rapidly trained you on what Dyson DC39 vacuum was and wasn’t capable of.

Dyson DC39 Animal
$409.98 from Amazon

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