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Dyson DC35 Digitial Slim Multi Floor Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review

Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner contains two times suction power compared to other cordless lightweight Vac cleaner in the market these days. This is a great tool because it’s flexible and easy to utilize in different kinds of floor, upholstery, stairs and car interiors.

Dyson engineers made the Dyson DC35 with versatility. It is suitable for all floor surfaces, vinyl, woods, tiles, and carpet. It has motorized floor device as well with two kinds of brush.
Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC35 Digital Slim Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Product Features:

  • Docking station
  • Dyson digital motor
  • Extra tools
  • 22.2 Volt lithium ion battery
  • Clears bagless dustbin ( drains out from the bottom)
  • Motorized floor tools with a carbon fiber brush
  • Removable extended reach wand
  • Articulating cleaner top
  • No extra cost
  • 2 years labor and parts warranty

Dock Station

Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner contains wall mounted dock station for much easier recharging and storing when the tool isn’t in use.

Powerful Battery

With 22.2 volt lithium-ion battery, this vacuum releases charge equally, thus its performance stays powerful without drop off. LED battery indicator that lets you learn when you need to charge it.

Hygienic and Clean Bin

The Dyson vacuum bin is transparent, thus you may easily notice if you need to dispense the storage bin and see how much dirt or dust is picked up. It’s made from hard polycarbonate materials and could be unfilled with a push button to minimize the risk in dirt contact.

Digital Motor

This vacuum machine is power-driven by a digital motor. It’s lighter, faster and smaller than the conventional motor. Dyson digital in Dyson DC35 spins 3x faster compare the other motor, thus it makes this vacuum more efficient.


This vacuum cleaner includes crevice tools which are used for an added systematic cleaning in far reaching areas plus the combinations of wide/brush debris nozzle device ideal for upholstery cleaning and furnitures.

Motor Floor Tool plus Carbon Fiber Brush

DC35 has motorized floor device and includes two kinds of brushes. The brush bar for a carbon fiber contains rows of extra fine filaments made to get rid of dusts in hard floorings. The filaments are manufactured from real carbon fiber, chosen for anti-static substances. Additionally, there is a stiff nylon bristle for carpets, too. It spins 1,400 times per minute to remove ground dirt.

Detachable Wand

The DC35 wand is produced from lightweight aluminum. This could reach low, high, and awkward spaces, perfect for top, down, in-between, and bottom cleaning. Also, you can take out the wand plus it’s utilized as handheld for easy cleaning around the residence and remove dust and grime in the car.

Clear Cleaner Head

DC35 cleaner head spins 180 degrees, it makes steering in the furniture and blockage easier. Moreover, because it keeps flat on the floor if pull back and if the device is completely reclined, it stays stable.

No Added Cost

The majority of other handheld and cordless Vac cleaner is still made to require changes in filters, and costs soon add up. The DC35 make use of clear root cyclone tech, which spins dirt, dust, soil and so on from the atmosphere and directly into the storage bin, since the DC35 have washable filter.


The Dyson Vac cleaner is probably to take some bashes and knocks during daily use, though that is nothing than what Dyson places its machine through development and testing. The whole Dyson Vac cleaner go through rigorous and lengthy testing program. This is the reason why it comes with a free warranty of 2 years for labor and parts.

Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Pros and Cons


  • It is easy and quick to handle and use since it is cordless. It is great for all around cleaning.
  • It could be utilized with or without the wand since it is detachable. This means that it’s more flexible compared to upright vacuum.
  • It’s solid. So simple to apply and clean, and moves inside and outside the house.
  • Suction is best as another Dyson Vac product and model. It is good for cleaning car seats and mats.
  • Powerful charger
  • Quick charging time around 3 hours, plus it comes with a docking station.
  • No bat memory due to Lithium-ion battery. You can replace it as well and not expensive.
  • It looks good.


  • The model is luxurious.
  • It is harder and heavier to carry in the hand or wrist than what you thought it is.
  • Not fond of squeezing the trigger at times. There’s no way to leave them. The constant squeezing may contribute to sore wrists and hand sore.
  • The electric cord is quite short, particularly when the majority of power points is placed on the ground and the docking station should be placed very close to the power point or else you will get an extension wire.
  • Motorized head is a little narrower than what you expected. Thus, it will take you long enough to vacuum and the tradeoff isn’t making the move for the added weight of the jam-packed vacuum.
  • A flexible and stretchy hose accessory for far to reach corners is not included.
  • Does not stand straight by itself, though it’s not a major concern.
  • When charging, the status light is not shown on the vacuum but at the power point’s adapter.
  • No indicator light when turned on.

Dyson DC35 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner does not depend on bins to trap dirt, grime or dust. It makes use of clear root cyclone tech, which spins air at high speed. The cyclone inside the Dyson Vac cleaner produce a centrifugal force several thousand times than the gravitation force. Pet hair, dust and grime are being tossed out of its airflow and directly to the bin. There’s no bag and no suction loss.

Overall, this vacuum cleaner’s one good option for all around cleaning need. You can use it inside and outside your home. It easily gets rid of dust and grime in your car, too. Since it is cordless, it is portable and flexible to use anywhere and everywhere you need it to function.

You can still find several reviews at Amazon concerning Dyson DC35; try to read a few from former users.

Dyson DC35 Dyson DC35 Digitial Slim
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